Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avillion Port Dickson - The Unique aVispa

And now, how does this picture amazes you once again.. =)

Frankly speaking only now I finally managed to realize; why on earth have I chosen Avillion PD for the babymoon trip - it's because of this round-y turquoise settee out facing the open sea! I have stumbled upon this mesmerize picture few many times since years back but I don't have any idea where the place is actually located. I once asked a blogger who put up the same picture but she never reply me. I don't blame her tho, maybe she had mis-looked my comment. Until one day I finally revealed the real whereabouts..

Well.. It is situated at aVispa in Avillion PD itself.
Since then I have put Avillion PD on top of the future-vacation list. Hehe

Beloved hubby and Faheem, on our way to the spa center..

This is the place!

We went into the oh-so-lovely-lavender-scented spa center and browsed through the spa packages. The husband insisted me on pampering myself there but surprisingly, I said NO? Like seriously. Ntahla.. Berat hati pulak nak biarkan Faheem dengan papa nye. It's a family trip, so I think we should enjoy the trip as a WE. Moreover I'm pregnant at 30th or 31st week that time and I don't think I really need it. Salah massage nanti.. Nauzubillah! Papa urut pun dah cukup sedap sangat dah.. =D Thanks hubby!

aVispa. Soothing kan the interior..

Precious guys in momma's life!

We sat there enjoying the sea breeze and the scenic ocean view until sunset.. Subhanallah..

On our way back to KL Faheem suddenly fell asleep earlier than usual. Penat sangat agaknye.. Since it was still early, raining some more, hero pulak dah tido.. hubby decided to have a cup of coffee before we reach home. He was thinking of making an exit to Putrajaya but if I'm not mistaken, there was no coffee houses (that is located outside the shopping malls) in Putrajaya. Dear husband is never keen of shopping complexes, selame ni pun kami pergi sebab the wifey yang ajak =D Luckily there's Starbucks just nearby our house. Yang paling dekat tu lah yang senang lupa kan =p Tho it's in a shopping mall, but it's actually situated at the outer side of the mall. Parking, jalan, sampai. So he agreed. Makan sikit, minum sikit, borak sikit, Faheem pun bangun.. Terus balik rumah sebab sesi penat melayan anak tersayang akan bermula sekali lagi..

After all, the vacation was nice and memorable. Like always!


  1. 3 kali dah dtg cni...kalau g PD, memang Avillion nilah yg akan jadi pilihan utama... ;)
    bawak mak dtg cni hari tu, dia kata mcm masuk dunia lain...maksudnya, mcm bukan kt PD....try dia punya aVispa package...not bad...hehehe..
    btw Lissa, chot redah MATTA fair ritu semata2 nak beli voucher Avillion PD ni...memang berbaloi2... :)
    Sempat juga rembat Avillion Melaka pny voucher, tp belum pegi lagi...harap2 best mcm kt PD...

  2. oh avillion melaka pun ada ke?
    kene terjah ni! hehe..
    tp kne tgu 2nd baby besa sikit la.
    nt sakit demam susah pulak.

    lisa pnh pg matta fair 2x je chot.
    lps tu mmg xnk pg dh.
    xsgup la berhimpit2 ramai2 cmtu.
    lagi stress lagik ada.. hukkk



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