Thursday, March 15, 2012

Restoran Intai-Intai. Sedap ke?

I believe many of us have heard and even have went to the renowned Intai-Intai Restaurant kan? If I'm not mistaken this place has received impressive feedbacks from the customers in 2010. Along with Restoran Istana Bambu yang tengah meletop jugak time tu. Both places are located just nearby each other - in front of MRR2 at Hulu Klang just before Ampang.

Last Friday we fetched Faheem from school and suddenly both of us were pretty hungry and we decided to dine in at Istana Bambu, alang2 the husband memang driving thru MRR2 that day. But Istana Bambu seemed so dull, quiet and.. err. We were a bit confused, bukak ke tutup? Before this da banyak kali we all smpai sane around 6pm macam tu lah keadaan nye. Pastu ape yang boleh di order tu very limited. Kalau kedai bukak malam je, just bagitau la kedai only opens 8pm and above ke kan? So malas nak hadapi perkara yang sama, we all went straight for Intai-Intai.

Before this asyik order the super spicy Siakap Harimau Menangis je. Papa jela yang enjoy pun. Cos I'm not into spicy foods. So this time we tried Siakap Tiga Rasa. Hmmm.. Ikan tu fresh, rangup sangat and acceptably big, as always. Tapi takde rase masam pun? Maybe that was their very own recipe of tiga rasa. Lain tempat lain lah rasanya kan. Macam last time we all order siakap tiga rasa kat Langkawi. Siakap tu dah penuh hitam dengan kicap! Baiklah letak nama siakap masak kicap je kan? Hehehe. You may click here to witness the real Siakap Hitam =p

Butter prawn? Niceeeeeeeeeeeee!

Vege soup pun niceeeee....

But the kerabu mango wasn't that nice. A bit tasteless.

Papa Faheem beriya nak pujuk Faheem to try the butter prawn.
Tho the mommy knows he'll definitely says NO.
Susah betul nak bagi anakanda tu makan seafood. Even chicken pun susah..
Kalau sayur tu laju jek dia makan. Sampai bile tah anak mama ni nak jadik vegetarian. Hoho

Both of them out facing the man made lake.

All in all I would recommend this place to those who wish to have a casual tropical dining in an outstandingly serene environment. As years went by, I really have to say that I've noticed this place has undergone the normal wear and tear at few parts of the restaurant. But the quality of the food has remain the same and the waiters have been as friendly as ever. Oh the total bill was RM115 (with orange and carrot juice). I think it was acceptably reasonable, considering the big portion of each meals. Don't you?


  1. lisa, mcm mn ajar anak mkn sayur eh?hehe

  2. lisa x pnh ajar faheem directly shu. tp zaman2 6mos above tu lisa masukkan mcm2 jenis vege dlm menu faheem. die pulak mmg tgh peralihan from susu to solid food, so die mkn je sume. lapa sgt kut? tahla.. smpai la da besa die mcm da terbiasa mkn sayur..

    tp tu la. kurus je faheem tu. ciken or fish kdg2 je die mkn. kene la try protein source yg lain pulak mcm telur, mushroom etc. cume start da pg skul skg tetibe selera mkn die naik pulak. asik nk mkn je! hehehe



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