Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Third wedding anniversary. Today!

Time flies, and today we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary?

Alhamdulillah.. 3 tahun anak nak masuk 2 dah =) The solemnization took place on the same date as his birth date. So every March of the year is a double celebration for him. Hehe. There's not much of celebration for this year as I'm already at the end of the 3rd trimester now. Mama Faheem sangat lah penat, letih, mengah dan sebagainya ok. Moreover I'm on medical leave since yesterday. The gyne advised me for a 2-weeks leave, off the office! Luckily not to be bedridden at the hospital. Huhu. I shall blog about that in the next entry.

I've asked the husband few weeks back..
Wifey: Yang.. u know my condition now kan..? I barely do anything now. Badan penat, house helper takde, keje menimbun, faheem superactive bla bla.. I'm sorry, I don't think I can do much for your upcoming birthday and our anniversary.. What do u want? Just tell me..
Hubby: Scirocco satu!
Ok. No need to elaborate more on what actually happened after I received the answer. Haihhh.. I'm totally sure that he understands me very well and so he will never expected anything from me this year. But I promised him, jika nyawa masih dikandung badan there will be a double celebration awaiting next year! =D He smiled (and agreed of course).

Surprisingly, he was the one who came up with err.. surprise on our special day! It started with a phone call last night from a stranger lady asking me whether I'm at home as there will be a 'special' delivery from Kelana Jaya that will be reaching my doorstep in half an hour's time. I was starlet since courier services mane ada deliver parcel malam2 hari. Until the delivery boy came and wohooo!

A huge bouquet of 12 blooming red roses for me?! "Happy anniversary sayang.." The charming husband said. Followed with hugs and kisses etc. I was in shocked, well for the first few minutes la. My husband has never keen of fresh flowers. Buang duit la, nanti bunga mati la - few of his fav phrases when it comes to fresh flowers. But this time? He was the one who chose it! Hehe. I guess, times flies and people do change. Right? =)

And this morning still, there's not much of a celebration. We just had a normal breakfast together just before he headed to the office. And now I'm typing the anecdote of the 3rd wedding anniversary while waiting for him to be back at home. I've been surrounded with guilt actually. Well.. I didn't manage to get anything for him this year. I just don't have the right time to really think about this, tapi baby stuff bole pulak fikir itu ini kan. Oh teruknya saya!

Ok. Let's stop typing and started surfing on where to treat him super nice lunch this weekend.

Buat husband tersayang, I wish to thank you for every single thing that you've done for me, for Faheem, for the lil one and for the family. You're just the best ever guy I have ever met in my whole life. Terima kasih jugak diatas segala kesabaran yang telah anda tempuhi sepanjang bersama2 dengan saya. I know you are the right one for me because you have the most patience compared to others out there! Hehe. I love you more and more munchkin.. Semoga hubungan kita akan sentiasa utuh dengan rahmat Ilahi dan keluarga kita yang semakin berkembang ini akan sentiasa dipenuhi dengan barakah juga sentiasa. Aminnnnnnn...

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