Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Volkswagen Jetta Test Drive

How does the VW emblem amazes you? Woohoo..

Went to the Volkswagen showroom at Ampang few weeks back. Ever since I got pregnant for the second time, the husband apparently shows a raising interest with bigger cars. Our current ride is still performing well, it's just the size that matters I guess. Pakai Swift berdua pun rasa kecik. Pakai City bertiga pun rasa kecik. Taktaula.. Sentiasa penuh, sendat kereta kami. Kalau balik kampung memang takde orang lain boleh tumpang ok. Full! Huhu. He was thinking of MPV but I'm not so into that. Too big.. Hari2 nak drive MPV pergi office? Err.. Not me. I would prefer SUV instead. Sangat sesuai nak balik kampung kami yang nun jauh itu, utara tanah air dan juga pantai timur semenanjung Malaysia.

Jetta seems nice. But it's a good-guy car's I reckon. Too simple. Too comel. Hehhe. Small sedan, besar sikit je dari City. Passat CC would be everyone's dream but the OTR price boleh bikin pusing! Hari2 mau makan roti dengan telur sajo. He was planning to ram the car sesuka hati on Akleh. Unfortunately Jalan Ampang was terribly jammed that day. Tak tau pukul berapa bole sampai Akleh so he switched to Jalan Damai. Waaaahhh.. smoothnye handling! (Super charge turbo charge whatever..) And the sound proofing was amazingly superb. The seating looks biasa2 je but way comfortable than City, ala2 bucket seat gitu. Ada aircond kat belakang! Hehehe.. Takperlu la susah payah adjust aircond supaya hala ke belakang. With 6 airbags some more (or 8 if you count it by 2 on the sides, talking about safety!). Five years warranty? Nicee.. First servicing at 15k? Double nice..

Hmm.. But I think we should concentrate on the second baby first lah.
Proper financial planning is crucial when you have a growing family.
And oh the new home that will be ready in a year! Money money money.. Come to me =(
Kene postpone lagi lah cita2 untuk menjadi suri rumah tangga sepenuh masa.. Sobs

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