Friday, June 22, 2012

Post Confinement Mode. Hello!

"Last time you were pregnant, you looked more matured la.
But now nampak macam budak sekolah."

Mama Siti (Faheem's school principal)

She's not the first one who come up with that sentence tho. Lol

Assalamualaikum.. Well well. To begin with, err.. I'm in post confinement mode! =) Just started working since last Friday. Oh again, alhamdulillah I've given birth to a cuddly baby girl named Ayra Amanda on 16th April 2012. And I haven't been blogging since then, like seriously. Nak bukak blog sendiri pun tak dan, what more to peek on other's. Phewww.. I'm still catching up with lots of stuff now. To handle a super active toddler along with a newborn is never a small thing. Tho we are having a foreign maid now (thumbs up for she is very good at handling newborn n kiddos!) but still 24hours a day has never been enough for me, I mean us. Mingling with work, family matters (oh pumping and stocking up EBMs) and not to be forgotten, the lack of quality sleep since 2 months back so on and so forth..

I wish I can get back on track with my blogging activity for a least once in a fortnight starting today (you bet?). Haha. We'll see how la. Frankly speaking, I have so many interesting stories to share with (especially the birth story), every ups and downs in between but then again the time constraint has innocently forbid me to type it down. Nonetheless, I have another option now. Which is my latest hobby too I really have to say.

I'm on Instagram! haha.

I know I'm late. Lame? Whatever. Hehe.

Need to sign off now. Later!


  1. terima kasih kerana sudi singgah & komen di blog saya

  2. sama2. maaf tersalah address you as sister td.



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