Thursday, August 30, 2012

IKEA 2013 Catalogue is out!

I've just downloaded the latest IKEA 2013 catalogue!

There's a big reason for that excitement actually. Inhale.. Exhale.. =) Well, I've just contacted the house developer yesterday to get to know how's the progress and the anticipated date of completion. If I'm not mistaken, it would probably be ready in early 2014 or at the end of 2013. Few months back the developer told us that the construction would be ready much more earlier than the schedule, maybe by June 2013. Time tu memang dah excited habes. And yesterday, they said we would probably receive the keys on December this year or January 2013. Woohoo! Sokaaaa.. Syukran Ya Allah!

During raya leave me and the husband has listed down all the major things that we need to settle before permanently staying in to the new house. Along with the RM figures. Err.. Memang scary tengok figure tersebut. Encik husband pun dah sedikit emo but I tried to convince him. Tak kan nak spend that figure dlm masa seminggu dua kan. Pelan2 kayuh lah. Yang penting hal2 major macam kitchen cabinet, plaster ceiling, lampu kipas, wardobe etc. need to be ready asap before the kids are going in. I dah experience during our current home ni. I dah sarat baru nak buat kitchen cabinet time tu. Nasib baik my parents kebetulan ada kat rumah. They cleaned (vacuumed and mopped) the house everyday for 5 days sebab risau kan habuk2 tu. Huhu. My parents memang super kuat super rajin super pembersih. Tapi anak dan menantu ni tak berapa begitu. So baik kita plan betul2 supaya kita tak experience hal2 seperti tersebut. Hoho.

I pun dah plan nak keluarkan sikit (or banyak or berapa sikit dan banyak yang encik husband benarkan) my investment sebelum ni to top up for the house IDs (interior design). Memang lah sayang, tapi duit bukan boleh masuk kubur pun (ayat pujuk hati paling power for me). Lepas ni kita menabung lagi. InsyaAllah Dia permudahkan..

Alamak 2.30 got meeting. Bye!

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