Friday, September 28, 2012

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

Scrumptious Classic Triple Decker with Cheese
This has been my every Friday lunch meal with the husband for the past month.
It was so yummy, healthy, the service was fast, the ambient was nice.
And got 20% discount using our credit card. Yeahhh..
Most probably we will be having the same thing today. Ah TGIF!

Hello weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mazda 5 Review

Typical Mazda's smiley grill. Boring..Tak futuristic langsung. Haha

Aha, sun roof. I don't have any idea why the husband seriously in love with this thing. Pantang tengok kereta with sun roof. Excited habes. Hmm.. Maybe jugak he is the kind of people who always maintains a cool temperature. He loves heat! Hehe. I mean beliau bukan sahaja susah nak marah, tapi badannya pun maintain je sejuk. Orang lain tengah hari masuk kereta cepat2 nak bukak aircond. Tapi encik husband relax je. Tak berpeluh pun! Kalau pergi gym atau bersukan barula nampak peluh..  

Haaa ini saya sooka! LCD display at both head rest! This is what every family cars should have.
Oh we didn't test drive Mazda5 that day since the test drive unit is not available on Sunday.
Ini sangat menawan hati! Dashboard yang sangat kemas.
Besar kan LCD display tersebut, built in GPS for sure. That part husband tersayang paling suka.
Speedometer pun sporty. Tak silap Forte punya speedometer ala2 macam ni jugak.

We are eyeing for Honda Stream actually. RSZ model tu sporty habes kan. But Stream got no aircond at the back. Same thing with Toyota Wish. And according to my husband and office colleagues, interior Wish sangatlah bosan. For those who doesn't really mind about the interior, then it's ok. But for us, interior is a tad more imporant than the exterior since we will spend more time inside rather than staring the outside. That's from our point of view lah. Different people got different opinions right.

But Mazda5 got aicond at the back. 10 extra marks!

This is one of the most interesting part. The middle seat at the mid row 3-seater can be transformed to a 2-seater with arm rest or, without the arm rest just as you wish! It can be flipped into a compartment just below the seat. How creative is that. Mazda5 also comes with auto door. Niceeee.. Got 3 or 5 years warranty for the auto door (tak ingat). The auto door got equipped with this auto sensor thingy. The door will slide back to open position when it senses something is blocking its way (the kids especially). But then this type of safety applies to the adult too. Orang dewasa pun boleh terkepit pintu kadang2..

I think the posterior view of Honda Freed is pretty much nicer than Mazda5. Mazda5 ni betul2 nampak macam family car kan.. Biasa2 saja. In terms of exterior, Honda Stream wins. Dah usha my officemate punya Stream few weeks back. Tapi tak sempat test drive. This weekend insyAllah we're gonna visit Honda show room once again. Just to get some ideas plus loan calculation etc. Btw Mazda5 priced at RM157k whilst Stream is around RM158k. Masih lagi dalam range yang tidak mampu buat masa sekarang. Takpe, kita amik feel je dulu..

Upcoming post: Honda Stream & Peugeot 3008

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Honda Freed Test Drive Review

Weekend activity. This is hubby's hobby.
But the wifey suddenly found it to be quite interesting too.
So why not?
Done with routine groceries shopping terus terjah Honda show room.

The typical Honda grill. Comel bukan. Dah la kecik je. Cuteness!
Alamak dashboard bosan amat. So yesterday. Huh. Freed only comes in 1 spec - the lower spec. The higher spec has been discontinued in Malaysia cos banyak lagi MPV yang murah2. So they decided to back off. Berapa ramai sangat Malaysian family nak beli a 99k small MPV kan? Grand Livina, Innova, Avanza jauh lagi murah - tapi segi empat macam peti ais jela design nye. Ops ni suami saya cakap, not me!

Hubby loves the 2-2-3 seating, with a gap at the middle seat (like Naza Ria). Memamg practical for families with toddler yang tak boleh dan tak akan duduk diam dalam carseat. The seat material sangatlah biasa2 sahaja. City jugak the best tho non leather. Hehe. Tapi the ergonomic seating position memang terbaik lah. I guess almost semua MPV pun begitu bukan? Kalau sedan jalan jauh sengal2 la jugak sendi tu..

Anakanda tersayang yang tak duduk diam. Lagi excited bila die tengok mama and papa tengah busy discussing with the sales person. Dia tahu die bole pergi ke mana sahaja, buat apa sahaja, sentuh apa sahaja, tarik apa sahaja, melompat ke mana sahaja tanpa ada orang menjerit namanya seperti selalu.
Luggage area memanglah terhad. Mana2 MPV pun sama. Nak masuk stroller memang kene lipat seat belakang. Stream pun macam tu. Alah susah2 beli Thule storage tu tepek kat atas siling.

Again. Boring nya.. Tapi design belakang Freed cantik jugak. Overal exterior nampak sporty jugak. Tapi interior terlalu biasa. Menyampah tengok pun ada. Auto door pun tak ada. Tapi kalau ikut current budget yang ini sajalah yang termampu buat masa sekarang. Tapi my sincere advice to encik husband yang amat dicintai, maybe we should on hold dulu MPV ni. Next year economy da elok sikit kita upgrade yang elok sikit kan. Sabar jelah dulu..

Next entry, Mazda 5 Test Drive 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Renovation Expo 2012

We decided to go here after continuously bumped into the buntings all over the main road. The objectives? Of course to get some ideas for our new home and yes exactly, to get few quotations for the future interior designing projects. Wah sooka!

Few interesting stuff that I saw at the expo:
  • Window curtain is so advance today. Pakai remote controller saja! Obviously not suitable for us lah, living with small kids who loves to push and pull everything as they wish. Panel curtain or blinds are currently in our list. We are planning to use that for windows. Dah tak larat nak pasang, un-pasang, jemo bagai langsir2 as we always did. Leceh! We would only have a proper window curtain at the sliding door.
  • The microfiber floor mat! (bath room mat to be specific). This thang really fits the purpose. I purchased 2 of them for RM100. I know it's quite expensive for a floor mat but this will ease me in handling wet floor while bathing the little man. And hubby agreed, haruslah beli.
  • Quite frustrated that there was no exhibitors for the plaster ceiling and grilles. Almost 40% of the home reno budgets will go there. Eh we're thinking of invisible grill. I've made research about that last week but not much of informative guides I've gained. Hmm..
  • Amazed with the promotion price of kitchen cabinets. Only RM7800 for solid surface, glossy cabinets, soft close with few standard accessories (without kitchen hood and hob). Normal price would be RM14+. Our current kitchen cabinet yang biasa2 but complete with everything (with medium standard je pun) dah RM9k. Tapi tak berani nak lock that voucher. Kitorang plan nak buat kitchen cabinet at the previous contractor. Mr. Lam has been in the industry for many years. Nak deal senang, outcome pun nice and sangat puas hati.
  • Laminated floor tak termasuk dalam very important stuff pun. But I almost purchased RM500 voucher from Floor Depot (ladies do best in this terbeli part). Tetibe rasa teringin sebab discount banyak sangat! Tapi husband cakap concentrate on bende2 dalam list je dulu. Baiklah..
  • Clothes hanger - super important for high rise apartment. Got 2 types that caught my eyes, but not the husband. He prefers hanger that hanged from the ceiling. Bila nak jemur baju we dial the thing so it goes down. Da tengok kat kedai lain sebelum ni. Seems practical. Tapi kene survey kat kedai lain lagi.
 Cuba try test tilam..
Promotion yang sangat best. Nasib baik datang expo..
Sejam lebih dicsuss pasal mattress and bed frame saje. Finally we agreed with Dreamland! Dalam banyak2 bende at the expo we purchased the bedroom set, tho rumah tak siap pun lagi. Haha. As the husband said, the bed is super important for married couple. We need a really good rest on a really good mattress after a really exhaustive hours at work. Balik rumah layan anak2 lagi kan. Et cetera et cetera.. 

That's all for the expo update. Oh that little guy. Lately he refused to walk on his own! He wants to stay in the trolley or stroller sahaja. And MAMA sahaja yg bole push that trolley. Papa No No. Ada2 saja la Faheem..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hokkaido Cake at Durian Durian

Has anyone tried this? The Durian Durian yellowish booth (you may spot it easily by following the nice durian smell) situated just beside Gong Cha at KLCC. Nearby Candylicious and Garret popcorn to be specific. Yeah.. I've mentioned everything food. Huh

I was having lunch with the husband at our favorite place, Bumbu Desa few days ago. I'm thinking of pulut durian so that was why the place had been chosen initially. Done with the main course we asked the Indonesian guy to deliver us the pre-ordered scrumptious dessert but my request had been replied with an apology as he had forgotten to tell us earlier that pulut durian sudah habes? Gosh.. I would have gone to other place lah. And so untuk mengubat ke-frust-an tersebut, encik husband telah membelanja cake di atas. RM5 saje pun.

Sedap. Very fluffy. Tapi rasa durian tu so-so jek. I've seen Osaka cake at Pistachious Bakery with the same paper cup in pinky colour. Those mini cakes originate from Nihon kah? 

Friday, September 14, 2012

His Potty Training Milestone

Dearest Faheem had been a diaper less baby when he nearly reached two years old and finally a no-more-diaper toddler just about 2 months after his second birthday. Many thanks to my parents. They are responsible for this milestone actually. My parents stayed with me for 3 months and that was how potty training came to reality. Err.. Not really a potty training. But becoming diaper-free instead.

Nowadays Faheem will tell us directly whenever he wants to pee and we'll get him done in the toilet, but on the floor. He refused the toilet bowl. I think he's scared of the big hole down there and he also scared of falling down. And when he wants to poo, the same procedure applies. Read on the floor. Luckily he never experienced diarrhea so the feces is less messy somehow. I'm sorry, I know it's gross. But hey it's your own son! 

Until last week he wants to pee on the toilet bowl. He said the teacher tought him to pee on the toilet bowl. I was so relieved. Finally he's not afraid of the toilet bowl! But then we have to get him the kid's potty train seat. I already get him one (the chair-like potty) during his first week of potty training but he rejected it at all means. Maybe he thinks it's kind of weird and feels awkward to pee on a chair? Tho there's actually a bowl to retain them. 

Hubby found one potty seat (the above picture refers) at priced at RM85 (the normal price would be RM180). Unfortunately the deal was over. Sedey nye.. Huhu. So this weekend we have to go out and find this potty seat asap. Malas nak get it online because I want it asap. We need Faheem to be fully potty trained. He's becoming 3 years in 3 months time!    


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mee Udang Mak Jah Kuala Sepetang, Cawangan Wangsa Maju

Now look at this.

Inilah dia Mee Udang Special Mak Jah Kuala Sepetang tapi di cawangannya di Wangsa Link Business Park,Wangsa Maju. Sangat sedap. Udang gemok dan banyak. Oh surprisingly ada celery dalam kuah tu, lagilah sedap! Tapi tak boleh buat comparison dengan tempat asal mee udang ini because we haven't been there. Eh we've been there but..

Actually, we went to Kuala Sepetang few weeks ago to try out the famous Mee Udang Mak Jah. That was an unplanned trip by the way. We were on our way back to KL from Kulim and the husband keep asking me whether I wish to drop by any where since he'll be quite busy in the next few months. Susah dah nak jalan2 makan2 cuti2 katanya. I pun macam blur2 tak tau nak pergi mana when suddenly he exited the PLUS highway - entering the route to Taiping.

"Dah lama syg nak jalan2 Taiping kan. Kita singgah jap la.." Kata si jantung hati itu.

According to my brother in law (who is originally from Taiping), Mak Jah and Mak Teh sama sedap je. And along the way apparently macam2 Mak itu Mak ini Mee Udang yang ada. Hehehe. Arriving Mak Teh Mee Udang, there were almost 20 bijik kereta di bahu jalan. Kami excited bercampur risau. Mesti sedap ni ramai sangat orang. Tapi mesti kene tunggu lama. We had a short discussion and decided to say good bye to Mak Teh. Tak sanggup nak menunggu. Terus jalan2 Taiping sahaja lepas tu. Next time balik kampung boleh singgah lagi.

Mee Udang biasa RM8 Mee Udang Special RM12.
Reasonable la jugak. Udang banyak dan besar!

Kami pilih meja di luar. Sebab hidung tak berapa sihat. Duduk dalam aircond yang tak tau di servis ke tak tu nanti lagi teruk jadinya. Mula2 risau jugak, sebab dah macam2 jadi kat area Wangsa Link ni kan - according to the chain emails lah. Staff Butik Ariani once told me ada peragut betul2 meragut rumput eh meragut orang depan Pondok Polis kat depan tu. How scary is that? Berani betul. Luckily ada CCTV pointing directly to our table, sebelah LCD TV tu. So, secure sikitlah rasanya (not sure whether the CCTV is functioning or not tho).

View dalam kedai Mak Jah

Opposite kedai Mak Jah ada Cheng Ho Chinese Muslim Restaurant that used to be so famous few years back. The owner is non other than the legendary rockstar, Amy Search. Zaman mula2 kenal cik abg syg dulu he used to bring me to that restaurant for my birthday dinner. What a memory.. Hee

So for those who suddenly craving for Mee Udang Mak Jah?
No need to rush for Kuala Sepetang any more!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Release date (Latest)

Analysts now expect the iPhone 5 release date to be the biggest product launch in the company's history. As for Apple CEO Tim Cook, it is the day on which he has to prove himself. On Wednesday, Apple is highly expected to announce the iPhone 5 release date. It is also expected that Apple will present other product updates. Here is an overview of what else Apple could introduce.

Apple has not yet confirmed that on Wednesday the new iPhone will be introduced. However, the invitation Apple sent last week left only one conclusion: Tim Cook will introduce the sixth-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. If you believe the rumors, the new Apple smartphone comes with a four-inch display, a metal back and a smaller dock connector. However, the techblogs are unclear on whether the iPhone will have NFC.

I'm all excited now.

Tapi kalau tak ada pun tak apa. Tomorrow kita tengok TV9 pukul 10.30pm okay.
Ada apa? tengok jelah. Mesti best punya!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Honda City OEM with Navigator and Reverse Camera

Just sharing Mr. Husband's latest addition to Mr. Ride. It's not that new anyway, we have been using this for nearly 6 months now. It's Honda City OEM head unit DVD player that comes with Navigator (GPS) and Reverse camera. One may add in TV tuner or front camera but we didn't think that they are important for us. After all, Mr. Ride is just a small sedan. Too fancy accessories will make it ugly. Haha

Why we opt for this? Because we travel a lot and we travellers need this kind of thing to ease our journey. The husband has been wanting to have a built in GPS in our car since long time ago. He nearly purchased Garmin GPS while he was in the states last year as it was pretty much cheaper (everything in Malaysia is so expensive huh?). But he was afraid it might not be functioning well in Malaysia. Until one day we went to Pasar Tani Taman Melawati. Mr. Ride got hit with Proton Wira at the back that left the right brake light cracked.

I accompanied him to his favorite car accessories shop to replace a new brake lamp. That is how we met the handsome-ly OEM. We just fell in love with it when the sales person started to show us how the thing is functioning. The upgraded sound system with DVD player, USB connection, the rear camera plus the most important thing, Papago! During 6 months in service, we haven't experienced any serious problem with the OEM. But there are times it wasn't able to find the exact places or routes but Google maps on iPhone is always there to backed us up. The DVD is player at great help when we wish to see Faheem to sit still for at least 5 to 10 minutes. There is also bluetooth connection so we may listen to our favorite YouTube clips or from the iPod.

Cool isn't it?

For your reading pleasure: Garmin vs. Papago!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sarapan Pagi di Empangan Mengkuang (Mengkuang Dam, Penang)

My husband's hometown is in Kulim. But we seriously went to Penang for a breakfast by the lake? Hehe. For those who might not familiar with the north region map of Malaysia, Kulim is actually at the borderline of Penang. It took us only a few minutes to reach Seberang Prai or even the island itself via the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. That's why I love traveling to the husband's side. I can visit the Pearl Island anytime I wish. Heheh..

Anyway, talking about the talkative boy who has 'feeding' as his least important thing in his life, my MIL suggested to bring him here for breakfast last weekend (he was so busy playing with his cousin's toys and running all over the house. "Abg tanak makan mama!" Suka hati die je. Tau tak orang Somali smpai kebulur tak dapat makanan wahai anak? Hmm). Similarly when I'm at my hometown, my mother also suggested the same thing. Bila da keluar rumah, he'll be excited to play around and at the same time he'll have anything that we feed him. I'm not really sure why, but he just prefers out-from-home environment to have his meals.

This is the second time we visited the place. The first time was during our outdoor wedding photo shoot, in April 2009. Each time balik Kulim the sportsaholic husband will always reminds me to bring along my pinky track suit and running shoe. Konon2 nak jog la, nak brisk walk la. Tapi tak pernah menjadi. Haha.Luckily this time menjadi jugak. Itu pun lepas my MIL risau tengok her first cucu tu refused to eat while everyone is having breakfast.

Oh we can feed the fishes too here. On our way to the lake we stopped by the petrol station to get some plain bread. But no pictures captured as mama was busy browsing her Instagram. Heheh 

Next time balik Kulim I wish to have the same breakfast by the lake once again!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pantai Teluk Ketapang, Kuala Terengganu

One of the most anticipated activity when I'm back at my hometown is Pergi Pantai! Tak kesah la balik raya ke balik tak raya ke, papa mesti remind me banyak kali "nanti kita bawak Faheem pergi pantai eh". Sometimes I'm wondering the husband or the kid yang lagi excited nak pergi pantai ni? Hehe.

What makes it even more excited is the distance from my parent's home to the beach is just a few minutes away. And the Sultan Mahmud Airport is nearby the beach so we can see clearly aeroplanes taking off or landed by while enjoying the panoramic sea view with the beloved family.

Before really playing by the beach there must be some trick for the picky eater. You want to go to the sea shore you have to EAT first. Luckily the trick selalu menjadi. We all siap singgah 7E for the Ribena and bubble blower. That just makes the trick easier. Maka habislah licin satu bekas mihun goreng yang nenek buat itu. Alhamdulillah. Lepas tu ape lagi..

Oh this is our kite. It has the longest tail and it was also the highest flying kite at the beach!
Orang lain punye rendah2 jek.. Hehehe

 This is the McQueen's kite. We got is at Toys 'R' Us a day before balik kampung.

 Papa sketching a turtle. Comel!

Papa excited main layang-layang sampai terlepas tali. Sepantas Usain Bolt la papa kejar..
Nasib baik tak tersangkut dekat pokok rhu.

She sells the sea shell by the sea shore? Haha

Excited sampai taknak balik? Raya Haji nanti kita main pantai lagi ok!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Casablanca Restaurant & Cafe (Arabic and Iranian Cuisine)

My boss treated us lunch right here today. He keep telling me about this newly opened Arabic cuisine since Monday and finally he managed to bring us all today. This restaurant is situated at Jalan Tun Razak, opposite the junction to Yap Kwan Seng (yeah.. that pretty congested area). There are 5 of us and we are amazed with the architecture, as soon as we entered the beautiful arch. Being in the restaurant really makes me feel like the 'Prince of Persia'. Or princess instead? Heheh.

 The salad

 Chicken Mandy

 Lamb Mandy

 Lamb Tawook. The one with the biggest tank ordered the smallest portion of meal? Hoho

The nice ID. Very spacious!

 The ceiling and wall has been decorated nicely. Loving it!

 The ceiling fan at the open area

I bet everyone must have this kind of question in your mind - So how does it tasted? Well, the food was sangat sedap with that usual big portion. But it was a bit too spicy for me (mind you I'm not so keen with spicy foods). As for the price, (since I'm not the one who's paying. hehe) my boss said it was much cheaper at Casablanca. But Frankly speaking, Al-Rawsha and Hadramawt are still at the top in my personal list. However, considering that this is a newly opened restaurant, I'm so impressed with the food, the ambient and the service.

Wish to come here again during dinner or supper. The open air area seems more relaxing..


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