Friday, September 14, 2012

His Potty Training Milestone

Dearest Faheem had been a diaper less baby when he nearly reached two years old and finally a no-more-diaper toddler just about 2 months after his second birthday. Many thanks to my parents. They are responsible for this milestone actually. My parents stayed with me for 3 months and that was how potty training came to reality. Err.. Not really a potty training. But becoming diaper-free instead.

Nowadays Faheem will tell us directly whenever he wants to pee and we'll get him done in the toilet, but on the floor. He refused the toilet bowl. I think he's scared of the big hole down there and he also scared of falling down. And when he wants to poo, the same procedure applies. Read on the floor. Luckily he never experienced diarrhea so the feces is less messy somehow. I'm sorry, I know it's gross. But hey it's your own son! 

Until last week he wants to pee on the toilet bowl. He said the teacher tought him to pee on the toilet bowl. I was so relieved. Finally he's not afraid of the toilet bowl! But then we have to get him the kid's potty train seat. I already get him one (the chair-like potty) during his first week of potty training but he rejected it at all means. Maybe he thinks it's kind of weird and feels awkward to pee on a chair? Tho there's actually a bowl to retain them. 

Hubby found one potty seat (the above picture refers) at priced at RM85 (the normal price would be RM180). Unfortunately the deal was over. Sedey nye.. Huhu. So this weekend we have to go out and find this potty seat asap. Malas nak get it online because I want it asap. We need Faheem to be fully potty trained. He's becoming 3 years in 3 months time!    



  1. Eesya dulu pun pakai camni.. Beli kat supermarket biasa brand made in china jer rm60.. Hehe

  2. ala yeke. aku carik kt carrefour aritu takde. pstu bz sgt weken xdan dh nk carik tmpt lain. mane tah nak cari ni.. haihh

  3. u shud start soon then. bnyk $$$ bole save hoo..



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