Monday, September 24, 2012

Hokkaido Cake at Durian Durian

Has anyone tried this? The Durian Durian yellowish booth (you may spot it easily by following the nice durian smell) situated just beside Gong Cha at KLCC. Nearby Candylicious and Garret popcorn to be specific. Yeah.. I've mentioned everything food. Huh

I was having lunch with the husband at our favorite place, Bumbu Desa few days ago. I'm thinking of pulut durian so that was why the place had been chosen initially. Done with the main course we asked the Indonesian guy to deliver us the pre-ordered scrumptious dessert but my request had been replied with an apology as he had forgotten to tell us earlier that pulut durian sudah habes? Gosh.. I would have gone to other place lah. And so untuk mengubat ke-frust-an tersebut, encik husband telah membelanja cake di atas. RM5 saje pun.

Sedap. Very fluffy. Tapi rasa durian tu so-so jek. I've seen Osaka cake at Pistachious Bakery with the same paper cup in pinky colour. Those mini cakes originate from Nihon kah? 


  1. actually name kedai yg jual kek ni ape erk? coz last week ader colleague bg 1/2 dozen hokkaido cake for her newborn gift. tpi kt kotak tu tulis cina ngn jepun je jd xtau ler pebende... but the cake is totally delicious!

  2. ooo.. kedai tu nama Durian Durian. Semua bakery products drg tu durian based. sorang lagi hantu durian nampaknya. hehehe

  3. haaa? tpiiii.... xde rase durian pn kek nyer... huhuhu



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