Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Renovation Expo 2012

We decided to go here after continuously bumped into the buntings all over the main road. The objectives? Of course to get some ideas for our new home and yes exactly, to get few quotations for the future interior designing projects. Wah sooka!

Few interesting stuff that I saw at the expo:
  • Window curtain is so advance today. Pakai remote controller saja! Obviously not suitable for us lah, living with small kids who loves to push and pull everything as they wish. Panel curtain or blinds are currently in our list. We are planning to use that for windows. Dah tak larat nak pasang, un-pasang, jemo bagai langsir2 as we always did. Leceh! We would only have a proper window curtain at the sliding door.
  • The microfiber floor mat! (bath room mat to be specific). This thang really fits the purpose. I purchased 2 of them for RM100. I know it's quite expensive for a floor mat but this will ease me in handling wet floor while bathing the little man. And hubby agreed, haruslah beli.
  • Quite frustrated that there was no exhibitors for the plaster ceiling and grilles. Almost 40% of the home reno budgets will go there. Eh we're thinking of invisible grill. I've made research about that last week but not much of informative guides I've gained. Hmm..
  • Amazed with the promotion price of kitchen cabinets. Only RM7800 for solid surface, glossy cabinets, soft close with few standard accessories (without kitchen hood and hob). Normal price would be RM14+. Our current kitchen cabinet yang biasa2 but complete with everything (with medium standard je pun) dah RM9k. Tapi tak berani nak lock that voucher. Kitorang plan nak buat kitchen cabinet at the previous contractor. Mr. Lam has been in the industry for many years. Nak deal senang, outcome pun nice and sangat puas hati.
  • Laminated floor tak termasuk dalam very important stuff pun. But I almost purchased RM500 voucher from Floor Depot (ladies do best in this terbeli part). Tetibe rasa teringin sebab discount banyak sangat! Tapi husband cakap concentrate on bende2 dalam list je dulu. Baiklah..
  • Clothes hanger - super important for high rise apartment. Got 2 types that caught my eyes, but not the husband. He prefers hanger that hanged from the ceiling. Bila nak jemur baju we dial the thing so it goes down. Da tengok kat kedai lain sebelum ni. Seems practical. Tapi kene survey kat kedai lain lagi.
 Cuba try test tilam..
Promotion yang sangat best. Nasib baik datang expo..
Sejam lebih dicsuss pasal mattress and bed frame saje. Finally we agreed with Dreamland! Dalam banyak2 bende at the expo we purchased the bedroom set, tho rumah tak siap pun lagi. Haha. As the husband said, the bed is super important for married couple. We need a really good rest on a really good mattress after a really exhaustive hours at work. Balik rumah layan anak2 lagi kan. Et cetera et cetera.. 

That's all for the expo update. Oh that little guy. Lately he refused to walk on his own! He wants to stay in the trolley or stroller sahaja. And MAMA sahaja yg bole push that trolley. Papa No No. Ada2 saja la Faheem..


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