Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mazda 5 Review

Typical Mazda's smiley grill. Boring..Tak futuristic langsung. Haha

Aha, sun roof. I don't have any idea why the husband seriously in love with this thing. Pantang tengok kereta with sun roof. Excited habes. Hmm.. Maybe jugak he is the kind of people who always maintains a cool temperature. He loves heat! Hehe. I mean beliau bukan sahaja susah nak marah, tapi badannya pun maintain je sejuk. Orang lain tengah hari masuk kereta cepat2 nak bukak aircond. Tapi encik husband relax je. Tak berpeluh pun! Kalau pergi gym atau bersukan barula nampak peluh..  

Haaa ini saya sooka! LCD display at both head rest! This is what every family cars should have.
Oh we didn't test drive Mazda5 that day since the test drive unit is not available on Sunday.
Ini sangat menawan hati! Dashboard yang sangat kemas.
Besar kan LCD display tersebut, built in GPS for sure. That part husband tersayang paling suka.
Speedometer pun sporty. Tak silap Forte punya speedometer ala2 macam ni jugak.

We are eyeing for Honda Stream actually. RSZ model tu sporty habes kan. But Stream got no aircond at the back. Same thing with Toyota Wish. And according to my husband and office colleagues, interior Wish sangatlah bosan. For those who doesn't really mind about the interior, then it's ok. But for us, interior is a tad more imporant than the exterior since we will spend more time inside rather than staring the outside. That's from our point of view lah. Different people got different opinions right.

But Mazda5 got aicond at the back. 10 extra marks!

This is one of the most interesting part. The middle seat at the mid row 3-seater can be transformed to a 2-seater with arm rest or, without the arm rest just as you wish! It can be flipped into a compartment just below the seat. How creative is that. Mazda5 also comes with auto door. Niceeee.. Got 3 or 5 years warranty for the auto door (tak ingat). The auto door got equipped with this auto sensor thingy. The door will slide back to open position when it senses something is blocking its way (the kids especially). But then this type of safety applies to the adult too. Orang dewasa pun boleh terkepit pintu kadang2..

I think the posterior view of Honda Freed is pretty much nicer than Mazda5. Mazda5 ni betul2 nampak macam family car kan.. Biasa2 saja. In terms of exterior, Honda Stream wins. Dah usha my officemate punya Stream few weeks back. Tapi tak sempat test drive. This weekend insyAllah we're gonna visit Honda show room once again. Just to get some ideas plus loan calculation etc. Btw Mazda5 priced at RM157k whilst Stream is around RM158k. Masih lagi dalam range yang tidak mampu buat masa sekarang. Takpe, kita amik feel je dulu..

Upcoming post: Honda Stream & Peugeot 3008


  1. am eyeing honda Freed too much...tgk la kalau ade rezki lebih khennn..:))

  2. waaaaa amin aminnn! sama la mcm hubby kita tu. suka betul kat Freed. die punya seating sangat selesa nita.



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