Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sarapan Pagi di Empangan Mengkuang (Mengkuang Dam, Penang)

My husband's hometown is in Kulim. But we seriously went to Penang for a breakfast by the lake? Hehe. For those who might not familiar with the north region map of Malaysia, Kulim is actually at the borderline of Penang. It took us only a few minutes to reach Seberang Prai or even the island itself via the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway. That's why I love traveling to the husband's side. I can visit the Pearl Island anytime I wish. Heheh..

Anyway, talking about the talkative boy who has 'feeding' as his least important thing in his life, my MIL suggested to bring him here for breakfast last weekend (he was so busy playing with his cousin's toys and running all over the house. "Abg tanak makan mama!" Suka hati die je. Tau tak orang Somali smpai kebulur tak dapat makanan wahai anak? Hmm). Similarly when I'm at my hometown, my mother also suggested the same thing. Bila da keluar rumah, he'll be excited to play around and at the same time he'll have anything that we feed him. I'm not really sure why, but he just prefers out-from-home environment to have his meals.

This is the second time we visited the place. The first time was during our outdoor wedding photo shoot, in April 2009. Each time balik Kulim the sportsaholic husband will always reminds me to bring along my pinky track suit and running shoe. Konon2 nak jog la, nak brisk walk la. Tapi tak pernah menjadi. Haha.Luckily this time menjadi jugak. Itu pun lepas my MIL risau tengok her first cucu tu refused to eat while everyone is having breakfast.

Oh we can feed the fishes too here. On our way to the lake we stopped by the petrol station to get some plain bread. But no pictures captured as mama was busy browsing her Instagram. Heheh 

Next time balik Kulim I wish to have the same breakfast by the lake once again!

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