Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breakfast at BreadTies, Taman Melawati

Last weekend-breakfast before the charming husband is working abroad once again.
BreadTies had been featured in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan a week before that. I'm watching it without the husband company (he's the biggest fan of JJCM) as the sportsman was busy with futsal tournament that Sunday. I texted him right away when I noticed BreadTies was my kind of eatery (I love savouries and pastries!) And also knowing that the next weekend will be his last, so I'm not into cooking, not at all. He replied OK at that instant. Yeay!
Darling Amanda. Geramnya!

We had the simple breakfast meal. Wholemeal toasted bread with scramble eggs and soup in artisan bread (I've had the same thing at Espressoup years back. But the bread here is bigger and sedap-er). Faheem ate almost half of the soup and bread. Until it was almost 11am and hubby told me that he needs heavier brunch since we are planning for more activities later that day. So I ordered penne carbonara. Oklaaa.. Not bad. After all the food is ok (That's all I can say since we went there for breakfast. The food is more or less the same if I were to make it myself) Haha.
But I really love the interior design. It looks spacious, clean and classy.
With thick wooden chair and tables. Nice!

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