Monday, October 15, 2012

Kesabaran Mew Choo buka hati saya - Lee Chong Wei

And this suddenly reminds me of the husband. I once asked him why did he choose me in the first place? I knew he got selection of girls during the days we were still in the progress of knowing each other. Ramai lagi yang cantik, yang outspoken, yang bekerjaya, yang kaya, yang muslimah, yang sama2 satu negeri dengan nya etc. And he replied, I was the chosen one because I have the most patience amongst all. For each troublesome issues we faced I just cried and things will get well soon after that (little that he knew I was deeply sadden with every incidents that happened).That crying and being extremely patient last for numerous times until I decided to stop crying and started to believe that I should be heading on a different path. And that was the biggest turning point for him. He suddenly realized that he just can't live without me; being his loyal back bone at all times. To cut a long story short, he admitted he was wrong, he promised to be good and the apologizing session soon after that followed with a (never expected) marriage proposal, that had taken place beside a lake, under a tree. Heee..

Remember the quote?

Patience is key.
If you love something, let it go.
If it comes back to you.
Then it's yours forever.

And that is so true. Oh, congratulations LCW!
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