Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Bag Spa. My first attempt for handbag cleaning services.

I have a favorite handbag. Which is a purple Coach. The charming husband bought it for me at Katy Mills during our trip to Houston last year (ahhh rindunya shopping like mad! Remember this.. Houston Trip) Why it turned to be my favorite? I just fell in love when I first saw it on the new arrival desk at the outlet entrance. It has 2 types of handle so it may be treated as a hobo or tote or what ever that please me. The only drawback is, it has fabric material. Senang kotor (I usually prefered leather bags than fabric. Easy cleaning, long lasting).

Me being a cleanaholic, I've tried my very best to take a good care of the bag. Until one day I went to dinner with husband's family and somebody took my bag to give space for Faheem. And.. Yeah. Things happened. Enough said. I told my husband that I wish to get the bag cleaned and he asked me to make a survey for the service. The nearest place would be at My Bag Spa. Initially I planned to send the said bag to the branch at One Utama. But the husband wanted to go to Mid Valley that weekend. Luckily My Bag Spa just opened another branch at The Gardens!

This is the bag. Being hooked by the handbag holder.
Hubby is the one who bought me the ruby red sparkling holder. Sweetness!

We're having trouble finding the outlet at The Gardens Mall. We searched at the directory in the mall itself but to no avail. Then we browsed the website and called the place yet again it was forever engaged. I called the other branch and let them informed about this. We went to Maxis centre tanya pasal iPhone5 kejap then I received a phone call from My Bag Spa The Garden's branch. The outlet (or rather I call it the counter) is located at P1 - by using the elevator at CIMB.

He checked the bag in and out and he also measured the length and width. The service price was RM280. Okla tu compare to the price of the bag minus the 1 year plus of depreciation. I'll be getting the bag in 2 weeks time. That Chinese from China informed me that oil marks will remain even after the servicing. Ada la dua calit minyak dek pergi dinner haritu. Takpela.. Lets think positive. It is the mark of love, like stretch mark. Hehe. Hopefully I'll be getting the bag in a tip top condition soon!  

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