Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cabin Wangsa Melawati (Food Review)

We have been here twice. The first time was the day after it has been featured for the first time in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV3. Just realized that The Cabin is situated nearby the every day home-office route so we decided to give it a try. Kalau jauh tak da kerja la nak singgah lepas penat2 balik kerja kan. We were quite surprised with the ad hoc customers they were receiving that day. The power of televisyen! Fuh..

The entrance

 There's a staircase for those who wish to dine on top of the cabin
(yes, the kitchen is in the cabin).

There's a futsal court beside the eatery. Hubby loves this spot of course. There were kids playing barefooted and the husband started story-telling how cool his kiddy life was back then. Main bola kaki ayam best gile feel habes syok gaban bla bla..


Spaghetti bolognaise yang tak pedas. Faheem loves it. But we didn't really fancy that. Biasa2 aja.. Mama buat lagi sedap, kata suami saya. That huge sausage was prepared by the staffs themselves. Banyak Faheem makan. So I considered sedap la tu. The chicken chop, I always preferred a griiled one rather than a deep fried. But they didn't serve a grilled one. Boleh laa.. Tapi gravy sikit sangat and pekat sangat. I know the chicken has been deep fried, but it seemed too oily for me. It wouldn't turn out that greasy if they tossed it longer time I guess. No?

Hubby's beef burger. According to him the beef patty was nice and tender and thick. He was full all night by having that! Huhu. Anyhow I wish they can replace the potato chips with fun fries. Sebab takde feel makan burger with potato chips. Lain lah kalau chips kat O'Briens. Yang tu sedap! In a nutshell, the food is ok and we gonna visit this place again. Why? Because of the location, the cleanliness, the price and not so bad selection of foods. 


  1. As Salam, smalam sy n family went there. Malangnya masa settle order food, hujan turun dgn lebatnya. habis basah..angin kuat pulak tu.
    rasa food dia agak menghampakan..mcm terpengaruh dgn jjcm je..adoi

    1. wsalam. thanks for dropping by. hmm haah. xdela mcm sedap yg amat sgt. tp xdela x sedap kn. heheh. btw pha pha garden seafood yg dkt ctu tu lagi sedap kut! tapi bukan western lah.. =)



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