Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Probably the biggest fish fillet I have ever had?

Just back from Madam Kwan's at KLCC for a lunch break with darling hubby and his Indonesian office mate. I would probably go for Nasi Bojari or Char Kue Teaw but hubby insisted me to try out the fish and chips. Yours truly was busy chatting with Diandra so I simply said yes knowing that the picture on the menu looked pretty nice and it's Madam Kwan's. How bad can it be kan?

Well. It was tasty. The fish (I think it's Dory) was FRESH! But.. The fillet was so huge! It actually comprised of half the portion of my plate. Covering all the pity french fries beneath it. At first we thought it was probably the tepung that made it looked like my hubby's palm but nahh it's not. It was the fish filet itself. Hohoho. That explains how I get so full right now. And I have a meeting to attend to in the next 5 minutes. Gosh!  



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