Monday, December 31, 2012

Kisah Suami, Suara Dan Bibik.

Last night my Bibik told me, that yesterday was her first time of experiencing a telephone conversation (via fixed line) with my husband. She said she was so shocked hearing his voice sebab kasar and garau sangat macam suara orang jahat. I just laughed out because it reminds me of something else..

I received the very first call by my soon-to-be-boyfriend (later a charming husband) when I was in University Malaya, location:  beside my faculty. Hehe. It was raining and I just put down my umbrella. And yup, he sounded sangat lah garau. Not that friendly kind of voice. Macam suara orang marah and tak puas hati pun ada. Ape kes first time call suara dah macam tu kan? Tambah2 lagi, I'm a sensitive kind of person. I analysed a person's voice much more deeper than any other average person does. Haha. So sudah mula timbul sedikit perasaan menyampah di situ. Maybe I should delete this guy from my list. Haha.

To cut a long story short, I asked him weather he can talk softer to me next time. He was just fine when we had a face to face conversation, he is indeed among the nicest spoken guy I've ever met (that's why I fell over him, hee) but he simultaneously turned to a different person when he voiced over the phone. And he said,  
"Err... Saya memang macam ni.."

We got engaged. I asked him once again. Can you please talk a lil bit softer.. Manja2 sikit ke. Lovers always talk extra politely to each others you know. Da la suara awak garau, halkum besar sangat saya paham but please..? Kekeke.. Unfortunately he replied with a crooked forehead,
"Susah la.. Macam mane nak cakap camtu.." 
But he promised to TRY. That was such a good news to me.

Later we got married. I asked him for the last time. Can you please talk a lil bit nicer, softer, a tad more cuddling to the beloved wifey perhaps? If you think I'm that special someone sampai you proposed me to get married I think you should do that. The more manjer you are the more I like it. I ended the sentence with this..
"Or sayang nak tengok saya emo?" 
Yeahh.. The last sentence got the killer word. He talk softly since then!! Like seriously ok.. Hahaha. I guess mane2 husband pun tak nak tengok wife die emo2 kan. Balik kerja penat2 mesti mahu dibelai dimanja etc etc. bukan? Thank you hubby for making an effort to talk comel2 to me from the very beginning of staying together until now. Tho sometimes you forgets,  but you tried to re-align the speech melody when you perasan there's an awkward gap between each questions you asked and the anticipated answers from myself. You know me better =) Really appreciate that!

A loving papa to Faheem and Ayra who his current addiction is the Fantasy Football. His fantasy team has been on top of the fantasy league for weeks and hari2 lah he mentioned that thing to me, with proud. Whatever.. As long as he's happy =p

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lunch. Fisherman's Cove at Starhill Gallery.

I attended a course at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur last week.
And we were seated at Fisherman's Cove during lunch! 
I was more than excited as I'm wishing to go there for quite sometimes.
(since the day I saw the discount rebate from our credit card newsletter, hehe)

The appetizer. The entree. The Dessert. The pink guava. The coffee.
Everything were heavenly. Seriously.
Wish to bring the family here. But I'm not sure whether the husband is ok with the location.
Bukit Bintang? Traffic jammmmmm!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flying KLM for the first time.

Do you know how much I miss blogging? To be able to deliver anything interesting from your heart and mind to finally make it to the keypad and virtually publish it here? Gosh.. the time constraint is really killing me. Office schedules are super tight. Whilst after-office schedules (home) turns to be pretty much similar in behavior too, (hectic-ness) as I have two small kids to look after to. Including the maid. Hey I need to monitor her too! And the husband that is currently abroad? Sorry that I've always ignored your texts hubby. I'm just.. too busy doing too many things (yes, you are married with a perfectionist and pls tell me that you are ok with it).

Ok. I should stop all the flowery words. I have 20 minutes before the boss is back from lunch followed with a meeting half an hour after that. It's about my Jakarta trip! Ah.. First of all I wish to thanks the loving and understanding hubby for making this trip such an enjoyable one. I opss me and Faheem really appreciate it and we really enjoy it to the fullest. This trip was intentionally set as not-a-vacation. It was just a week of getaway from chaotic-ness and sakit kepala-jiwa-raga-ness I had, merely from the office lately. Pfft!

I once told him that I wish to travel by air apart from the conventional MAS or AirAsia. So he got me Emirates last year. Alhamdulillah.. And this year I managed to travel via KLM for the first time. This was not in the plan tho. Why KLM? Because the traveling date and time clashed either with AirAsia or MAS. Planning a trip to Jakarta (one of the busiest traffic on earth) is crucial. The frequent traveler husband has been traveling KL-Jakarta for every weekend so he's familiar with the Garuda City. The in-bound and out-bound itineraries should be certainly during the off-peak hours. Or you will be left depressed (firstly with the long queue at the immigration) and then getting stuck in the massive traffic jam. That would be the last thing to face during any trips right?

So this is my simple review.
I wish we may experience the same thing (or even better) during future flights with KLM!

The headrest cover was there. Cleanliness checked! 
The seat was clean and comfy too. Or maybe we were just lucky that the flight was quite a brand new? It's a European flight, so the leg room was spacious. That leads to keselesaan. Yeah..

Royal Dutch Airlines. Flying blue but not feeling blue.

Something that caught my eyes. The stewards were such good looking guys. Hehe
But the stewardess were quite berusia lah. But they were very friendly! 
Lagi friendly dari stewardess MAS or AirAsia or even Emirates.

 Everything is sooo blue. Loving their plain blue uniform.

The so called in flight moslem snack was obviously not an Asian portion snack.
It was big and delicious. I only had a quarter of it and I'm already full.

I spent the whole 2 hrs of journey watching Casino Royale (tough guys to make me awake? haha) as the little guy had fallen asleep moments after take off.

Fully charged iPad to get him entertained but he can't tahan anymore longer. ZZzzzz...

Happy faces of my only boy. Glad that he enjoyed it. Alhamdulillah. Again, thank you for planning this trip papa. I foresee many trip afterwards? Hehe. Anyhow, my first time experience with KLM went very well. From the seating to the services to the F&B and also the journey itself. So if you were to travel to Jakarta from Malaysia, you might put KLM in the list too (Jakarta is a transit point for KLM flights traveling outside Asia).  Glad that I'm finally done with this entry.

More entries coming in! Yeahhh.. Right..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Salam Semua by Aaron Aziz & SleeQ. Why so sweet!

I've been repeating this song for 50 times now I guess. The lyric is so sweet.
I'm not a die hard fan of Aaron Aziz tho. But anything with family bonding inspires me the most!
Teringat kat encik suami yang jauh di mata tetapi sangat dekat di jari (sms).
Miss you loads sayang! 


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