Monday, December 30, 2013

Singapore Trip. Maritime Experiential Museum, Resort World Sentosa.

Last two days before we hop on to the new year of 2014.
As expected, very low activity at the office, banyak staff pergi holiday.
Parking lot pun banyak yang kosong. 
Jalan pun sangat smooth walau keluar rumah lambat =p
So I decided to post few entries today.
With lots of pictures and less (very less wordings).
Looking forward for our next family trip next year. Amin.

Bugis Street, Singapore. Perfect place for souvenir hunting.

That day, we were planning to get few knick-knacks and souvenirs for close friends and ourselves. According to the itinerary we should be heading to Orchard Road when hubby decided to get a second thought from the bell boy regarding our intention. As being advised by the friendly guy, he said it's ok to go to Orchard Road, but you only can find either luxury boutiques or stalls selling craps. I'm a bit taken a back with his comment as it does't feel like going to Singapore if you won't step foot at Orchard Road right? Heheh. Beloved hubby (being mister practical as always) decided to follow the bell boy's advice as that place suits the purpose of our trip that night - souvenir hunting. We went there by MRT and reached our destination within 20 minutes plus. It was a bit crowded that day as locals were rushing back from office I guess. But the situation was still under control as the kids were fastened to their strollers at all time. Until we stopped at the zebra crossing, facing the Bugis Street...

Oh dear.. It was jam packed in there, like seriously. Macam Petaling Street or Chow Kit kut? 
But I'm so glad and thankful that we made it through along with 2 kids!
Mission accomplished =)


I'm pretty terrified with the crowd at first (I'm afraid of snatch thief actually) so I just kept my phone safely in hubby's pocket. Frust jugak tak dan nak snap gambar banyak2. I do know Singapore has only small number of crime rates but it's better to be cautious rather than sorry at the end of the day right? Anyway Bugis Street is highly recommended for souvenir hunting. One may find so many kind of souvenirs at one place. Despite the crowd, I managed to get cutie stationery sets for the kid's school friends, key-chains for office mates, few shirts for the kids and also fridge magnets for ourselves. It's cheap and varieties! The only drawback is that most of the stalls I stopped by not interested with bargaining, semua fixed price. So we need to go round and round the place to find the most value-for-money stalls. 

Interesting Mc Donald's building at Bugis Square. 
At the back is Hylam Mall and at the front is Bugis Junction.  
So many tourist here. Still happening and kicking tho it was almost 9.45am.

Once satisfied with our purchases at Bugis Street we had dinner at Pastamania.
Then get back to the hotel to doze off..

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Christmas Eve

Me and hubby went to watch the sequel of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug yesterday at MBO Cinemas. As highly expected, two thumbs up for Peter Jackson's team! Although everyone in the hall was a bit frustrated on how the movie ends - the ultimate war was just about to begin for god sake! Haha. Habis macam tu je.. Memang kene tunggu Hobbit 3 la macam ni. The highlight of the story would definitely be (for me) the appearance of the handsome Elf, the master of bow and arrow, Legolas!

The first time we got to see him in action was in Lord of The Ring during my tertiary level, which was 8-9 years back?? Last time Legolas was portrayed by Orlando Bloom but in Hobbit 2 I'm not sure who he is but I think hes's not the same person, I recognized the difference between them by their lips and the color of his eye. The previous Legolas had thinner lips with higher cheek bone and the eye color wasn't that glittering blue. Maybe Orlando Bloom has grown older or maybe the make up artist wasn't too details with that. Heheh. 

Anyhow, it is pretty weird for me to begin my last Monday of the year with a movie review (after so long??). Hehe. The school is off for a week so the kids are currently staying with their beloved atok and nenek at kampung (terima kasih banyak2 atok and nenek, semoga tuhan sentiasa merahmati mama dan abah, amin!). Well that explains how we manged to watch a movie during Christmas Eve. Yeah, Christmas Eve! Super long queue to purchase the tickets as expected, but we managed to get ours within seconds as we have membership privileges. With free drinks and popcorn? I could't asked for more. 

Believe it or not, we went to the cinema for 3 times this week; Captain Philips, 47 Ronin and The Hobbit. Two of them are based on true stories while the other one is based on epic high fantasy novel. We are so glad that all them were marvelous especially captain Philips, totally worth it.

Thinking of our next movie session today but none of the screenings look interesting. Well I really wish to watch Frozen, (I'm 30 and Disney's animation will forever be my favorite. Hihi) but then I guess I should be enjoying it with the kids. We stumbled upon my hubby's ex boss with her husband and kids at the cinema, apparently they are watching the same movie. I asked weather they have brought their kids for Frozen and the answer excites me more. Their kids love it to bits, they can't stop laughing and screaming in excitement. Weeee.. The other weekend hopefully?!


Images/posters : Googled

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interesting Places in Singapore, Singapore Cable Car!

This place wasn't in our to-do-list initially. But the husband suggested to go for this (Voted 2011 Singapore's most popular attraction by IAAPA) when we have done with touring in S.E.A Aquarium (Marine Life Park) in Resort World Sentosa - Marine Life park entry will be updated soon! Suka betul cik abang ni dengan cable car. Last time he was the one who's urging me for Genting Highland trip so that we can ride the cable car. I'm not really a cable car person as I'm never keen of heights. Takde la sampai tahap gayat sangat tapi seghiyauuu lah bende tinggi lagi bergerak ni. I went to Eye on Malaysia few years back and I almost cried, ahhaha. The cabin stopped at various height so that the passengers can view Kuala Lumpur's city skyline especially during night. Roller coasters? Hell no, will never interested with such thing. Hoho.

After few times of persuading me to go to Singapore Cable Car I finally gave the green light as I'm sure the kids gonna love it to max. Momma will try to contain her freight, just for you kids! And luckily I did. Faheem just can't stop from screaming in excitement during the whole cable car trip, especially when the 8-seater cabin was in a take off mode as we can fell the momentum. Non stop bercakap, non stop mentioning abut everything he saw from the cable car. And Ayra? She enjoyed the ride while happily munching chicken nuggets and apple slices. Hihi

On the way to the Cable Car Station. 

Waiting in queue. Every one/family will be fit into their own capsule.
No sharing! More privacy, more fun!

In the cabin. It was spacious, clean and comfortable.

Love the see-thru walls and the green trees.

The one who was so excited inside and out. 

McDonald's in Singapore served apple slices. Love it!

Faheem's favorite. Ships and cruises!

Tinggi! Tapi tak gayat sangat as hubby promised to keep me entertained and distract me from thinking about the height. Hehehe. Sambil makan minum, sambil nyanyi nyaya, sambil plan tahun depan nak holiday kat mane, sambil layan borak dengan anak2, sambil snap pictures, sambil menyukuri segala nikmat tuhan buat kami sekeluarga. Priceless! Alhamdulillah..  

No fun-in-the-water activity for this trip. 
Sebab nanti super penat, tak kan pergi Singapore nak melepak dalam hotel je kan. 

Tengok berapa banyak kapal kargo daa.. 
Memang betul2 'Majulah Singapura' as stated in their dollar notes. Hehe

Hard Rock Hotel, Festive Hotel, Hotel Michael etc.

And this one is Fasha Sandha and family, I spotted her with hubby and boys (Rayqal and Rayfal) on our way to Marine Life Park. Not really a fan of her, tapi lepas tengok how close she is with Nora Danish and Rayqal and how her husband always spent time with the family, rasa macam suka pulak. Ok2, sila terjah blog lain kalau nak tahu pasal dunia celebrities. Hahha. By the way, the fee for adult is S$26 and S$15 for kids.

In a nutshell, I would recommend Singapore Cable Car to all tourist! 
Thumbs up!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Singapore Trip 2013. Singapore Zoo!

I bet this is one the most anticipated venue during our Singapore Trip. I really really love going to the zoo, being able to witness variety of stimulating animals literally but always get disappointed with our very own Zoo Negara. I'm sorry, but I really have to highlight this. I've went to Zoo Negara for several times. During childhood days tak perlu cerita la sebab tak kesah sangat, janji parents bawak jalan2 dah seronok sakan bukan. But when I reached adulthood and I keep on bringing my nieces and then my own kids to the zoo, I was a bit frustrated with Zoo Negara (well to summarized it all). 

The entrance fee (RM30) is ridiculous and doesn't telly with the facilities and services provided. Singapore Zoo charged us almost RM55 per adult but frankly speaking I don't have any bad comments about them, at all. Few areas at Zoo Negara are so smelly and I just can't stand it. I know it's a zoo and they kept animals there (a lot of them) but proper maintenance and management can surely minimize the smell. I spotted 2 areas in Singapore Zoo that were a bit smelly but I seriously can tolerate with that. The F&B services in Zoo Negara is also boring compared to Singapore, it seems lifeless and dull. In Singapore I may found the zoo staff in their safari uniform all over the zoo compound and they were full of smiles and very attentive. While in Zoo Negara I hardly found one except few at the performance show and yeah.. the tram driver? I'm sorry, I really hope to see major improvements in Zoo Negara one fine day. 

Ok ok. now, lets don't spoil my mood. 
I'll brief up my great experience at Singapore Zoo according to the pictures ok =)


Papa went to the loo so mommy managed to observe the surrounding with the kids.

Oh ya. We were traveling to the zoo via public bus and MRT. Each time we are traveling aboard hubby always insisted to experience (at least once) how is it like to be a local. It is fun seriously, but I'm a bit unsure at first as we are traveling with kids and 2 baby strollers along. "Are you sure with the plan?". I keep on asking the same question that night and keep on receiving the same answers from him. He seems so convinced with the plan, so.. lets do it!

I've already forgotten the MRT and Bus Stations that we have went to in order to reach the zoo but you may ask the Singaporeans as they are more than willing to guide you through. But please, avoid people who looks in a rush or too busy with their phones with crooked lines on the fore head, you might get a jerking look before they even answering it. 

Ada booth makcik muslim jual kuih muih. Beli sikit untuk bekal jalan2.

Wondering why is Ayra covered with kain pelikat? My darling Amanda had never ridden a bus before and so that day she experienced her first bouncy trip via the bus (there was one memorable moments during our bus trip but I shall cover that in the next post). Moreover, she had eaten a lot during the journey. From chips to kuih muih to cereals to vitagen and plain water. Just 2 minutes before the bus stopped at the zoo, my poor baby vomited on to her shirt and teddy bear. Sian die.. To make things worse, I didn't bring her spare shirts that day as we will be coming back to the hotel when the zoo trip is done so I think tak payah la kut.. Huhu. Luckily I've brought along few clean napkins. I got her cleaned and then rushed to the souvenir shop in the zoo. 

I need to get through the entrance/exit barrier in order to get to the souvenir shop. So I talked to to the zoo staff regarding my situation and I'm so glad that she truly understands that and let me in (without purchasing tickets first) so that I can get Ayra a new shirt ASAP. Phewww.. Lega sangat. Alang2 dah masuk dalam belikan sekali shirt and cap Faheem. Hehe. Spot the black and white shirt Ayra's wearing on the right? I ike it so much! I also get almost the same shirt to Faheem but with a jungle background =) Ingat nak carikan teddy bear baru tapi tak ada yang berkenan. Dah beli keluar balik and siapkan Ayra. Faheem pun excited sebab mama hilang kejap tengok2 dapat cap baru lepas tu. Hehehe

Settle hal Ayra papa went to get the tickets. 
If I'm not mistaken the entrance fee is SGD22 for adults and SGD14 for children. 
I love the wooden flooring and wall. It reflects outdoor activity 
and simultaneously excites us to do the zoo stuff! =)

Nice and clean ambiance at the zoo entrance.
It was school holiday but the place wasn't that crowded at all.

Upon entering the zoo hubby kept few of the (heavy) belongings in the locker. 

His current fav cap =)
It started to drizzle when we were about to continue the journey luckily the souvenir shop provides rain coats for all the visitors, it costs us just a few dollars (it is so cute as it has a printed face of orang utan at the back of the coat) Hihi. We decided to take a tram ride first as it is a better way to visualize the routes in the zoo (with the help of the map from the brochure of course). During the tram ride I can see peoples be it adults or kids went thrilled as the tram is approaching their favorite animals. Everyone was like "Waaaa mommy mommy look at that!". "So tall!". "Look the tiger is sleeping!". "When is he gonna roar mama!" - Well something like that. Haha. And there were so many foreigners too - Japanese, Indians, Indonesians and macam2 jenis mat sallehs. No wonder Singapore is among the favorite tourist spot in Asia =)

One of my favorite spot, the orang utans' area.
Look how green and serene this place is. 

Road signage. Looks nice and lively!

Our tummy started to rumble when we have done few round with the tram ride. We spotted few Ah Meng Restaurants in the zoo and we chose to stop over at this place as it looks bigger than others. Upon entrance I spotted Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream booth! Do you know that Singapore Zoo is the only Zoo in South East Asia to be having Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop? Yup.. You got it right. So I got 3 flavors of lip smacking ice creams for papa, myself and Faheem. Luckily Ayra was having her nap time - so I need to handle only 1 comot kids and that was so relieving. Hehe

Done with ice cream papa decided to have lunch at the same place. Actually we have agreed to have late lunch at Vivo City that day but he said the food booths at Ah Meng looked interesting and why not if we give it a try. FYI there were lots of people in the restaurant. I'm not sure weather all of them were so hungry or the selection of food were that motivating and everyone fells like trying? Every food booth provides various kind of meals, from Indian cuisines to Malay to Chinese and not to be forgotten, the western food. He had mee rebus and chicken rice for me and Faheem. And it turned out delicious (with big portion!). No wonder la ramai sangat yang datang. Even my husband make a joke few times about this - "Punyela sedap mee rebus, tapi kat Singapore, dah la dalam zoo." Hahaha..

Oh one more thing, the restaurant is approved Halal. So no worrires k =) 

With happy yummy, we went to continue the Zoo tour. 

The Frozen Tundra show. 
That polar bear is the first in the world to be born in the tropics!

We got so tired after few hours spending time strolling in the zoo so we decided it is time to give it a halt. But before that, souvenir is a must! Again, I love their souvenir shop =) So many cute and fascinating stuff in there. From the legendary (hehe) fridge magnets to key chains to teddy bears to stationary to shirts and caps and everything in between. Done with shopping we went to the baby room for Ayra's diaper change. She didn't poo poo but I already get used to diaper-change several times during a holiday, just for her comfort as she might get sweaty a lot during outdoor activity.

Lastly, queuing for a cab. We were a bit down looking at the long queue but was relieved A LOT soon after that as the first cab arriving wished to head to Chinatown (the area where we were actually staying). It was changing shift hour said the friendly taxi driver. So dengan tenang hati we hopped into the cab meninggal kan orang2 yang beratur itu. Hihi. If we have the chance to have a holiday again in Singapore, I would love to pay this place a visit one more time.Maybe some time bila Ayra dah besar sikit nanti. InsyaAllah..


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