Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast turned brunch at Marmalade Publika

Last Monday. The initial plan was wakeupearly-breakfastatmamak-bringkidstothepool.

But we end up having late breakfast here at Publika. Why? 

Because.. Entah, tetibe dalam kereta hubby tanye banyak kali nak pergi mana sedangkan dah plan nak pergi mamak kat rumah je. He mentioned OU la, Ikea la, Mid valley la, Publika la. Last2 I cakap ok, Publika. (sebab tetibe teringat Plan B, Wondermilk, PickNik) 

"Having a toddler who talks a lot makes us tuning to a straight-to-the-point conversations at home. Well talk less with strong points leads to successfully delivered messages".

Upon coming out from the elevator I noticed Marmalade Cafe. I remember last time Mommy Zidane told me that Marmalade got a kid's section (with toys of course). Hubby was a bit distracted to jalan2 usha kedai2 lain as the rig guy keeps on calling him. So he agreed to settle here. Faheem was even more excited looking at the 'interesting' stuff around the compound.
Oh this is the outside view. Very spacious and comfy. 
My two lovable kids with anak mat salleh yang sangat ganas bermain. 
Lepas mereka pulang baru berani nak letak Ayra kat situ. Huhu
 Happy face after finishing Heinz biscotti. Uumm.. Melting!
And this is what we had that day. Spaghetti Bolognaise, Aglio Olio and Chicken Rice for Faheem. The portion was big and sedap. The most important thing was the kids were really having fun and that made the parents even more happier. Alhamdulillah.. To my surprise, darling Amanda didn't manage to get her usual before-noon nap because of the noisy environment and the vibration from the stroller but she's not cranky at all. That's my girl!  

Happy Hari Wilayah for those working in the Federal Territory.
Long weekend once again!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volkswagen Cross Touran Test Drive (Review)

The next vehicle in the list goes to the super comel Volkswagen Cross Touran. We went to have a look at the test drive unit at Volkswagen Jalan Ampang last week. Cross Touran is driven by 1.4 TSI engine. Road tax murah tapi performance power. This makes the husband went crazy about. Oh one more thing - 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage and 15k service interval (or 1 year). Fantastic. FYI Volkswagen Jalan Ampang opens daily except Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year. Jemputlah datang! Heheh. The is the second visit to the same VW show room, last time we went for Jetta test drive. But we previously agreed that sedan is a No No. So bye bye dear Jetta. Sobs..

The side view. Quite sporty huh? With the black fender and rails on top. Hubby was a bit reluctant to get an MPV. "Tak da makna nak drive MPV besa gabak everyday pergi balik kerja" katanya. Tengah2 jam kat MRR2 and we seriously stuck in a huge MPV? It feels stroppy. Haha. But a comel crossover is still acceptable. Heee

Compact luggage area is well expected. Tapi bukan hari2 pun travel balik kampung. Time groceries shopping pun Ayra and bibik we left them at home. So no worries. Anyway, I promised hubby to get him a Thule compartment if he agrees to get this in a few months to come. Why? Because I started to fall in love with Cross Touran! =) Everything looks perfect for me. Oh it comes with 6 air bags! Continental cars - safety at its best. Enough said. 

Continental seating. Ah selesa sangat! The driver's seat was even more comfy. It's like a bucket seat. There's a tray at the back of the front seats. I can foresee the kids will be having much fun watching their fav cartoons on iPad with an ergonomic seating at the middle seat. Nice. In Mazda5 the middle seat can be folded over and be kept safely and nicely at the bottom of the seat. While in Cross Touran, we can either put it standing to make way for people to pass from back to mid row or we can also take out the seat and leave it at home!

Front view. Typical Volkswagen grill. Sekali pandang macam Jetta.

17 inch wheel. Not bad.

Ahaaa! Sun roof pun ada. Terbayang jalan2 kat Taiping bukak sun roof ni. Ahhh nyaman nya!

Dashboard looks simple tapi sangat kemas, teratur dan sedap mata memandang. Performance wise? Pick up sangat lah hebat. Ram sikit dah 60km/h. Ram sikit lagi dah 140km/h. Memang jauh la if we were to compare it with the current Honda City. Haha. Hubby dah excited nak balik kampung with max 3 hours dah sampai pagar rumah. Huhu

Budak 4 tahun berdiri pun still there's some gap left on top. Nice.

VW EOS. Selagi kita tinggal di negara lingkaran khatulistiwa 
jangan harap la mama nak beli kereta camni wahai anak.

Aircond at the back is crucial! Storage compartment pun banyak. USB port checked.
Oh There is also a mini cooler box below the dashboard - Traveling made fun! 

Dan ini. Encik suami tercinta yang pening nak buat calculation. The price is 166k before OTR. Nak angkut sekarang pun boleh. Tapi bila terkenangkan rumah baru yang bakal diberikan kunci tu, haiii.. It's obviously a big no no. Rumah baru dah fully furnish baru lah ada keyakinan nak tukar kereta. If not, bersakit lah dahulu. Bersenang senang kemudian insyaAllah..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Jittlada Thai Cuisine, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

[Continuation of Jakarta Trip]

Well it had been 2 days we consumed Indonesian cuisine (mainly nasi padang) for dinner so one fine day we decided to dine in here. This restaurant is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town - the local refers it by GI (Indonesians use lots of short forms in their daily living). Grand Indonesia is so huge that it caters just about any cuisines you may find in this whole world. Ok I'm exaggerated but it is big. Bigger than Mid Valley Mega Mall I guess. Speaking of mall, I found that there were plentiful Japanese and Korean restaurants in Jakarta. I wonder if Indonesians really love them or there are actually too many Koreans and Japanese living in Jakarta? Yours truly doesn't eat sushi and she's not a fan of K-Pop. Maybe that explains why I found it weird. Hehehe

Any how.. This is Jittlada Thai Cuisine. Which is situated on the same row with Manhattan Fish Market and KFC and many other great restaurants. We ordered the same thing that we could be ordering if we were in Malaysia. Forever favs!

This event happened last month so my apology  that I've forgotten the kind of fish that we were having and how was it cooked. But it was like kerapu and tak silap masak 3 rasa. But the most important thing that I wish to convey here is, the fish was sedap gila. Lagi sedap dari Royal Chakri Palace or Sri Ayutthaya. Seriously, me and hubby just can't stop expressing how we were so delighted with the food. Nikmat dunia... Kalau dekat syurga tak terbayang sedap nya ikan ni!

Wajib! Kerabu mangga yang super sedap juga..

Tom Yam! FYI The best Tom Yam I had was in Pha Pha Seafood Garden in Taman Melawati. But this one successfully super-seeded it! I don't have any idea why la everything were so delicious in Jittlada. Thumbs up for their great chefs. 

The place where we were seated. Again, I forgot the cost of our scrumptious dinner that day. But if I'm not mistaken, to make a comparison with the same meal we had in Royal Chakri, this place only mahal sikit saja. Tapi keenakannya melebihi mana2 kedai makanan siam!

So if you are traveling to Jakarta and getting bored with the same cuisine each day, you might try this place. Jittlada that serves top class, authentic Thai cuisines. Highly recommended!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Chevrolet Orlando Test Drive

Last week we went for a test drive of the new cross-over in town, Chevrolet Orlando at Naza Kampung Baru. Hubby showed me the clips from YouTube and he said the price is within the acceptable range (RM123k) and asked my opinions about it. Err.. I don't really fancy the front and back view. There're no 'kicks' on the looks. Huhu. Sekilas pandang ada jugak macam Dodge Journey that we used to ride in Houston 2 years back.


But I do love the inside part. Dashboard sangat kemas! Just like Chevy Cruze. Ergonomics wise pun ok - of course la more comfortable compared to sedan kan. Performance wise, hubby cakap pick up memang mantap (continental cars meh?) Wanna know more about the performance just ask my husband  Saya tahu pandu kereta sahaja. Sales person Naza tu pulak sporting habes. He let hubby drove on Akleh until Sultan Ismail and he didn't mind at all if hubby wishes to have another 2 or 3 rounds. Bukan main la hubby ram bukan-kereta-sendiri tu, cilok sana sini. Naza guy also offered me to try out the car but I refused as I never drive a bulky 7-seater vehicle before. Hohoho

Side view, a typical view of a cross-over.
Next in the test drive list is Volkswagen Cross Touran.
Lebih kurang tu jugak pun the outside view..

Hubby with Dodge Journey.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bandar Djakarta - Seafood City Restaurant

This was the first place where I had dinner during my Jakarta Trip. I arrived at Jakarta around maghrib and hubby asked me whether I wanted to take shower at the apartment first or go out for dinner straight away from the airport. I didn't have any luggage with me as the husband carried everything from his last Jakarta-KL-Jakarta trip last weekend (I'm flying solo with Faheem, so he tried to ease my burden by making sure that I'll be traveling super light). I chose the second option, knowing that my husband will get emotionally disturbed if he had a late dinner. Heheh  

Bandar Djakarta is situated in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Its like a huge theme park. We went there by cab (the fare is about Rp.180,000) and I was quite fascinated when we reached the entrance. There were crowds of vehicles and most of them dropped the families/friends at the entrance and the driver will find a nice parking spot by himself (from what I saw, most Jakarta people especially families have their own drivers, and Alphard is everywhere!). We were welcomed with smiles and lots of friendly staff. Hubby asked me to wait at the table while he went to choose our fresh-and-still-alive seafood at the fish market.

And I just sit there, exploring the new place. Bandar Djakarta was super huge - located at seaside (mind the smell of laut), jam packed with homo sapiens who were in total hunger of seafood dinner. There was a live band on the main stage and you bet it was pretty loud (no no, don't bring an infant here), the staff offered fast service and friendly! There were also special treatments for those who celebrated birthdays! Memang happening habes.. This place reminds me of Jimbaran Beach at Bali. I miss the sound of strong waves pounding the beach! Nak pergi Bali lagiiiii.. Huhu

The entrance. Staff sangat ramai and mereka sangat friendly!
I really feel welcomed going to Jakarta =)
That was the special treatment as I mentioned earlier.  The live band will be playing Happy Birthday To You song in English and in Indonesian along with a big birthday cake (carried by the staff to the birthday guy/girl) and guess what, with fireworks on it! I was there for only a few hours and I think there were about 15 people who celebrated their birthdays. Memamg bising. But I don't really mind as I love seeing new place, new people and new atmosphere! Oh there was a football match of MAS vs IND that night (AFF Cup 2nd leg). Mula2 risau jugak kalau ada fanatics bola ke kat situ but nahhhh.. Everyone was happily enjoying their food, families, friends and the live band. No body seems to care about AFF Cup. Hehe
Now the food review. We ordered 2 kind of fish (tak ingat nama apa), prawn (tak ingat masak apa) and mixed fried vegetables. Among all them the fish on the top right was the best despite its look! Seriously I never saw such a chomot food presentations but the worst presentation turned to be the champion. Sangat sedap! 2nd runner up was the prawn. And oh Teh Botol that compliments the main courses. We never planned to dine so we were a bit clueless on deciding what to have. Lesson learnt. Next time survey dulu ok! I forgot how much the dinner costs us but hubby said it's cheaper compared to KL. 
The awards that this place had received for the past year. Macam jalan2 cari makan gitu.
Rase nak holiday lagi. Tapi keje banyak sangat first quarter this year. Hukkk.


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