Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bandar Djakarta - Seafood City Restaurant

This was the first place where I had dinner during my Jakarta Trip. I arrived at Jakarta around maghrib and hubby asked me whether I wanted to take shower at the apartment first or go out for dinner straight away from the airport. I didn't have any luggage with me as the husband carried everything from his last Jakarta-KL-Jakarta trip last weekend (I'm flying solo with Faheem, so he tried to ease my burden by making sure that I'll be traveling super light). I chose the second option, knowing that my husband will get emotionally disturbed if he had a late dinner. Heheh  

Bandar Djakarta is situated in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Its like a huge theme park. We went there by cab (the fare is about Rp.180,000) and I was quite fascinated when we reached the entrance. There were crowds of vehicles and most of them dropped the families/friends at the entrance and the driver will find a nice parking spot by himself (from what I saw, most Jakarta people especially families have their own drivers, and Alphard is everywhere!). We were welcomed with smiles and lots of friendly staff. Hubby asked me to wait at the table while he went to choose our fresh-and-still-alive seafood at the fish market.

And I just sit there, exploring the new place. Bandar Djakarta was super huge - located at seaside (mind the smell of laut), jam packed with homo sapiens who were in total hunger of seafood dinner. There was a live band on the main stage and you bet it was pretty loud (no no, don't bring an infant here), the staff offered fast service and friendly! There were also special treatments for those who celebrated birthdays! Memang happening habes.. This place reminds me of Jimbaran Beach at Bali. I miss the sound of strong waves pounding the beach! Nak pergi Bali lagiiiii.. Huhu

The entrance. Staff sangat ramai and mereka sangat friendly!
I really feel welcomed going to Jakarta =)
That was the special treatment as I mentioned earlier.  The live band will be playing Happy Birthday To You song in English and in Indonesian along with a big birthday cake (carried by the staff to the birthday guy/girl) and guess what, with fireworks on it! I was there for only a few hours and I think there were about 15 people who celebrated their birthdays. Memamg bising. But I don't really mind as I love seeing new place, new people and new atmosphere! Oh there was a football match of MAS vs IND that night (AFF Cup 2nd leg). Mula2 risau jugak kalau ada fanatics bola ke kat situ but nahhhh.. Everyone was happily enjoying their food, families, friends and the live band. No body seems to care about AFF Cup. Hehe
Now the food review. We ordered 2 kind of fish (tak ingat nama apa), prawn (tak ingat masak apa) and mixed fried vegetables. Among all them the fish on the top right was the best despite its look! Seriously I never saw such a chomot food presentations but the worst presentation turned to be the champion. Sangat sedap! 2nd runner up was the prawn. And oh Teh Botol that compliments the main courses. We never planned to dine so we were a bit clueless on deciding what to have. Lesson learnt. Next time survey dulu ok! I forgot how much the dinner costs us but hubby said it's cheaper compared to KL. 
The awards that this place had received for the past year. Macam jalan2 cari makan gitu.
Rase nak holiday lagi. Tapi keje banyak sangat first quarter this year. Hukkk.

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