Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast turned brunch at Marmalade Publika

Last Monday. The initial plan was wakeupearly-breakfastatmamak-bringkidstothepool.

But we end up having late breakfast here at Publika. Why? 

Because.. Entah, tetibe dalam kereta hubby tanye banyak kali nak pergi mana sedangkan dah plan nak pergi mamak kat rumah je. He mentioned OU la, Ikea la, Mid valley la, Publika la. Last2 I cakap ok, Publika. (sebab tetibe teringat Plan B, Wondermilk, PickNik) 

"Having a toddler who talks a lot makes us tuning to a straight-to-the-point conversations at home. Well talk less with strong points leads to successfully delivered messages".

Upon coming out from the elevator I noticed Marmalade Cafe. I remember last time Mommy Zidane told me that Marmalade got a kid's section (with toys of course). Hubby was a bit distracted to jalan2 usha kedai2 lain as the rig guy keeps on calling him. So he agreed to settle here. Faheem was even more excited looking at the 'interesting' stuff around the compound.
Oh this is the outside view. Very spacious and comfy. 
My two lovable kids with anak mat salleh yang sangat ganas bermain. 
Lepas mereka pulang baru berani nak letak Ayra kat situ. Huhu
 Happy face after finishing Heinz biscotti. Uumm.. Melting!
And this is what we had that day. Spaghetti Bolognaise, Aglio Olio and Chicken Rice for Faheem. The portion was big and sedap. The most important thing was the kids were really having fun and that made the parents even more happier. Alhamdulillah.. To my surprise, darling Amanda didn't manage to get her usual before-noon nap because of the noisy environment and the vibration from the stroller but she's not cranky at all. That's my girl!  

Happy Hari Wilayah for those working in the Federal Territory.
Long weekend once again!

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