Friday, January 4, 2013

Chevrolet Orlando Test Drive

Last week we went for a test drive of the new cross-over in town, Chevrolet Orlando at Naza Kampung Baru. Hubby showed me the clips from YouTube and he said the price is within the acceptable range (RM123k) and asked my opinions about it. Err.. I don't really fancy the front and back view. There're no 'kicks' on the looks. Huhu. Sekilas pandang ada jugak macam Dodge Journey that we used to ride in Houston 2 years back.


But I do love the inside part. Dashboard sangat kemas! Just like Chevy Cruze. Ergonomics wise pun ok - of course la more comfortable compared to sedan kan. Performance wise, hubby cakap pick up memang mantap (continental cars meh?) Wanna know more about the performance just ask my husband  Saya tahu pandu kereta sahaja. Sales person Naza tu pulak sporting habes. He let hubby drove on Akleh until Sultan Ismail and he didn't mind at all if hubby wishes to have another 2 or 3 rounds. Bukan main la hubby ram bukan-kereta-sendiri tu, cilok sana sini. Naza guy also offered me to try out the car but I refused as I never drive a bulky 7-seater vehicle before. Hohoho

Side view, a typical view of a cross-over.
Next in the test drive list is Volkswagen Cross Touran.
Lebih kurang tu jugak pun the outside view..

Hubby with Dodge Journey.

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