Monday, January 7, 2013

Jittlada Thai Cuisine, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

[Continuation of Jakarta Trip]

Well it had been 2 days we consumed Indonesian cuisine (mainly nasi padang) for dinner so one fine day we decided to dine in here. This restaurant is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town - the local refers it by GI (Indonesians use lots of short forms in their daily living). Grand Indonesia is so huge that it caters just about any cuisines you may find in this whole world. Ok I'm exaggerated but it is big. Bigger than Mid Valley Mega Mall I guess. Speaking of mall, I found that there were plentiful Japanese and Korean restaurants in Jakarta. I wonder if Indonesians really love them or there are actually too many Koreans and Japanese living in Jakarta? Yours truly doesn't eat sushi and she's not a fan of K-Pop. Maybe that explains why I found it weird. Hehehe

Any how.. This is Jittlada Thai Cuisine. Which is situated on the same row with Manhattan Fish Market and KFC and many other great restaurants. We ordered the same thing that we could be ordering if we were in Malaysia. Forever favs!

This event happened last month so my apology  that I've forgotten the kind of fish that we were having and how was it cooked. But it was like kerapu and tak silap masak 3 rasa. But the most important thing that I wish to convey here is, the fish was sedap gila. Lagi sedap dari Royal Chakri Palace or Sri Ayutthaya. Seriously, me and hubby just can't stop expressing how we were so delighted with the food. Nikmat dunia... Kalau dekat syurga tak terbayang sedap nya ikan ni!

Wajib! Kerabu mangga yang super sedap juga..

Tom Yam! FYI The best Tom Yam I had was in Pha Pha Seafood Garden in Taman Melawati. But this one successfully super-seeded it! I don't have any idea why la everything were so delicious in Jittlada. Thumbs up for their great chefs. 

The place where we were seated. Again, I forgot the cost of our scrumptious dinner that day. But if I'm not mistaken, to make a comparison with the same meal we had in Royal Chakri, this place only mahal sikit saja. Tapi keenakannya melebihi mana2 kedai makanan siam!

So if you are traveling to Jakarta and getting bored with the same cuisine each day, you might try this place. Jittlada that serves top class, authentic Thai cuisines. Highly recommended!

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