Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Volkswagen Cross Touran Test Drive (Review)

The next vehicle in the list goes to the super comel Volkswagen Cross Touran. We went to have a look at the test drive unit at Volkswagen Jalan Ampang last week. Cross Touran is driven by 1.4 TSI engine. Road tax murah tapi performance power. This makes the husband went crazy about. Oh one more thing - 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage and 15k service interval (or 1 year). Fantastic. FYI Volkswagen Jalan Ampang opens daily except Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year. Jemputlah datang! Heheh. The is the second visit to the same VW show room, last time we went for Jetta test drive. But we previously agreed that sedan is a No No. So bye bye dear Jetta. Sobs..

The side view. Quite sporty huh? With the black fender and rails on top. Hubby was a bit reluctant to get an MPV. "Tak da makna nak drive MPV besa gabak everyday pergi balik kerja" katanya. Tengah2 jam kat MRR2 and we seriously stuck in a huge MPV? It feels stroppy. Haha. But a comel crossover is still acceptable. Heee

Compact luggage area is well expected. Tapi bukan hari2 pun travel balik kampung. Time groceries shopping pun Ayra and bibik we left them at home. So no worries. Anyway, I promised hubby to get him a Thule compartment if he agrees to get this in a few months to come. Why? Because I started to fall in love with Cross Touran! =) Everything looks perfect for me. Oh it comes with 6 air bags! Continental cars - safety at its best. Enough said. 

Continental seating. Ah selesa sangat! The driver's seat was even more comfy. It's like a bucket seat. There's a tray at the back of the front seats. I can foresee the kids will be having much fun watching their fav cartoons on iPad with an ergonomic seating at the middle seat. Nice. In Mazda5 the middle seat can be folded over and be kept safely and nicely at the bottom of the seat. While in Cross Touran, we can either put it standing to make way for people to pass from back to mid row or we can also take out the seat and leave it at home!

Front view. Typical Volkswagen grill. Sekali pandang macam Jetta.

17 inch wheel. Not bad.

Ahaaa! Sun roof pun ada. Terbayang jalan2 kat Taiping bukak sun roof ni. Ahhh nyaman nya!

Dashboard looks simple tapi sangat kemas, teratur dan sedap mata memandang. Performance wise? Pick up sangat lah hebat. Ram sikit dah 60km/h. Ram sikit lagi dah 140km/h. Memang jauh la if we were to compare it with the current Honda City. Haha. Hubby dah excited nak balik kampung with max 3 hours dah sampai pagar rumah. Huhu

Budak 4 tahun berdiri pun still there's some gap left on top. Nice.

VW EOS. Selagi kita tinggal di negara lingkaran khatulistiwa 
jangan harap la mama nak beli kereta camni wahai anak.

Aircond at the back is crucial! Storage compartment pun banyak. USB port checked.
Oh There is also a mini cooler box below the dashboard - Traveling made fun! 

Dan ini. Encik suami tercinta yang pening nak buat calculation. The price is 166k before OTR. Nak angkut sekarang pun boleh. Tapi bila terkenangkan rumah baru yang bakal diberikan kunci tu, haiii.. It's obviously a big no no. Rumah baru dah fully furnish baru lah ada keyakinan nak tukar kereta. If not, bersakit lah dahulu. Bersenang senang kemudian insyaAllah..


  1. Saya dpt blog awk ni masa duk belek2 pic cross touran....btw nice info from amcm..agak2 berbaloi tak kalu beli si dia ni..??? Saya dh test..sgt puashati..cuma belah bagi dgn new Wish.....cmana eekkk??? Any idea??..silver/white??

    1. thank you for dropping by =)

      for me, sgt berbaloi! performance mantap, after sales service pun terbaik. lagi2 6 air bags. eh sy pun berkenan either puteh or silver. tp silver mcm smart sikit kut. hehe

      oh hubby x berkenan sgt dgn wish sbb wish xde yg baru kan kt malaysia? i mean semua tu yg re-cond punya kan. pls correct me if im wrong.

  2. Nice review.. dok terjumpa yr blog jek bila google cross touran n chevy orlando... haha mana lagi bedt ekkk?

    1. if u compare between touran and orlando, of course la touran wins! hehehe. i found a very interesting video on youtube. tapi tak ingat dah ape tajuk die. die buat apple to apple comparison between orlando n touran. quite detail. try la search ok! =D



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