Monday, February 4, 2013

Satay Khas Senayan at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Got the chance to try out this satay while we were cruising around Grand Indonesia searching for a lite lunch. I spotted Satay Khas Senayan at the food court and hubby asked me at that instant whether I wish to have a bite of that. I'm a huge fan of satay by the way. I browsed the Internet finding info regarding the halal status while hubby was queuing for his mi tarik. It was indeed halal. And many women with hijab were queuing to get their satay too. Yeah! 

And it turned out more than I expected. Frankly speaking, that was the best satay I have ever had. It superseded Satay Kajang Haji Samuri and Satay Station and which ever satay I've tasted before be it served by the stalls at the roadside or by the well known chefs at the hotels. The chicken meat was super tender (that makes me wondering which part of the chicken it was? daging pinang ayam pinang? haha) and the kuah kacang was very finely blended, a bit sweet. I like it. Looking forward to their franchise in Kuala Lumpur.

Please pretty please!


  1. mesti kuah nye yg sedap kann.., ehHHe, salam ziarah dr wak yee

    1. haah. sgt sedap! terima kasih sudi singgah =)



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