Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yummy Fish Fillet at Bon Chon Chicken

Friday last 2 weeks, I went to have lunch at Sushi King with my sister. I'm not a Japanese nor Korean food lover but she insisted me to so I just said OK half-heartedly. I tried the bento set with salmon and chicken and gosh I love the fried chicken! It was crispy and the sauce was really something  It reminds me of Bon Chon Chicken at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta!

That is Bon Chon. Loving the interior design! How and why here? Well Faheem loves soups so after few rounds of surveying the eateries in Grand Indonesia we found out that Bon Chon serves vege soup with the exact portion like we wished for. I asked the staff about the halal status and she said Bon Chon is a halal restaurant. I googled and found the same thing so hubby just proceed with the soup. Macam pelik pulak nak beli soup saje so hubby bought fish fillets for me. Untuk supper kononya.. And sedap sedap sungguh fish fillet tu! Even hubby was impressed too. Dah sampai rumah pun still hangat lagi fillet tu. 

The fish fillet (6 pieces) and the vege soup. Eh soup tu pun sedap tau. Habis licin Faheem makan soup tu dengan nasi putih. See the board on the right. They already been in 3 of the countries in South East Asia but not in Malaysia? Huhu  I wonder when will Bon Chon open up a franchise in Kuala Lumpur. Hurry up please.

Bon Chon paper bag. Tell me who's gonna resist such food?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Marche Movenpick at The Curve. Thumbs up!

Last week we went to Ikea Sale as we were in the midst of furnishing our new home sweetest home. Alahmdulillah, siap jugak. The first 2 hours at Ikea turned very challenging as Faheem kept on forcing us to participate in his play all around the fancy show houses (especially the kitchen area). Luckily Amanda wasn't around. Or else I'll end up a growing purple-ish Hulk Hogan. Thanks to papa for having kesabaran tahap agong (That's why I chose you to be my husband). Hiks

Done with Ikea we went to The Curve to check out the new Honda CRV. The so called soccer mom's car amazed me the first day it was launched but not the second day when I read the reviews on Paul Tan. The sexy back impersonates Volvo XC60 and that was the only best part. Google it if you wish. Hehe. Our tummies started to rumbles at 5pm so we decided to have an early dinner that day. We were clueless at first as having diiner outside was not in the plan but when hubby spotted the real-size cow in front of Marche Movenpick, I said lets give it a try?

And we loved it!

This is the first time I experienced such eatery where by I ordered the menu directly to the cook and I really fall in love with their motto; Fresh - Healthy - Fast. It suits you right Marche Movenpick! The selection of food and beverages were in super wide varieties and everything we ordered turned delicious, as it looks (like seriously). I'm so gonna return to this place after this. My next Birthday re-treat I guess. Aha!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Woo Mba Deli & Meats. Craving for sumptuous steaks?

No no.. You don't need to fly far away to Queensland, Australia just to have these. 
This place is situated at PV128, Jalan Genting Klang which is obviously in Kuala Lumpur sajo. 

Dear boss is on leave today so I thought life would be easy but it turned out sourly. Sigh.

Quick post. No flowery words. Here we go!

The menu. Halal Jakim lagi! 

We stayed outside. Very the outback furnishing. I like!

Cutie miniature of herbivores. Sure ahh? Hmm..

Inside. Loving the solid wood designing of the whole restaurant!

Here comes the best part.
This is mine. Chicken burger. Sedap! Salad pun sedap. Fresh and crunchy!

This is hubby's rib eye steak. Sedap jugak! Thumbs up.

Habis dinner terus berlari anak menuju ke kereta, rindukan anak2 katanya.

Hubby called me just now to pack my bags. Jom balik! 
So this post shall ends here. Err..


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