Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Woo Mba Deli & Meats. Craving for sumptuous steaks?

No no.. You don't need to fly far away to Queensland, Australia just to have these. 
This place is situated at PV128, Jalan Genting Klang which is obviously in Kuala Lumpur sajo. 

Dear boss is on leave today so I thought life would be easy but it turned out sourly. Sigh.

Quick post. No flowery words. Here we go!

The menu. Halal Jakim lagi! 

We stayed outside. Very the outback furnishing. I like!

Cutie miniature of herbivores. Sure ahh? Hmm..

Inside. Loving the solid wood designing of the whole restaurant!

Here comes the best part.
This is mine. Chicken burger. Sedap! Salad pun sedap. Fresh and crunchy!

This is hubby's rib eye steak. Sedap jugak! Thumbs up.

Habis dinner terus berlari anak menuju ke kereta, rindukan anak2 katanya.

Hubby called me just now to pack my bags. Jom balik! 
So this post shall ends here. Err..

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