Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pecel Lele Lela Restaurant, Malaysia. Thumbs up!

We went to have lunch here last week, Pecel Lele Lela. Hubby wanted to have lunch at Leha Kelfood but as expected (during lunch hours?) there was no parking space available near to the well-known nasi-campur ala pantai-timur premise. We only managed to find a spot just in front of Pecel Lele Lela so hubby asked me why don't we just dine in here? Me, malas nak jalan jauh tengah panas ok kan saja considering this outlet is still new (kalau tak sedap pun, takdela sakit hati sangat sebab everything is still new and clean). Heheheh

I love the green and white combination. So relaxing. 

Upon entering the premise the staff greeted us Selamat Datang or Selamat Siang, I forgot already. And that reminds me of my trip to Jakarta last year. The workers greeted us cheerfully each time we were entering any restaurants (with smiling face and a slight bow). We felt really honored each time the dining hours arrived during our getaway at Jakarta. I still remember when I dropped by Old Town White Coffee at Bandara Soekarno Hatta. Baru lepas hujan panas kut that time, and it was sizzling hot! But the staff greeted us with a broad smile and mind you he was sweating all over his shirt too! Rasa terharu sangat. So plan asal nak minum je, terus order jugak some food sebab terkesima dengan layanan baik mereka. See that?

Flipped over the menu and only that we knew that Pecel Lele Lela was originated form Indonesia. The workers are also Indonesian (I think so, because they carry the Indonesian accent pretty well). And the food review?

Ayam bakar madu for me. Sedap and it tasted so fresh! (Kalau dekat Bumbu Desa nampak sangat they heated the chicken with microwave before serving. Huhu). Sambal tu pun sedap, not too spicy like many others Indonesian food. 

Kangkung was not bad too.

Hubby's lele cabe ijo? He said yummy! Sampai tambah nasik satu pinggan, he also took a quarter of my plate. Berselera habis. Anyway, we used to have lunch a Bumbu Desa KLCC and Bumbu Desa Festival City many times but I think this place won in terms of freshness of their food. Nonetheless I really hope that this place will maintain the cleanliness of their premise as from my own self observation, eateries tend to loose sight of the importance of cleanliness when they started to receive too many customers. Will definitely return to this place.


  1. kat mane ni lisa? cam best jek...lele tu ikan keli.. tau kan? hehehe

    1. kt taman melati nita. haah ikan keli. lisa x mkn ikan keli. cik abe la suke sgt =D



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