Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Penang Street Art / Penang Wall Painting. Fantastic!

I started to notice many of my fellow friends continuously posting so many interesting yet funny and meaningful wall paintings captured in Penang town this year. So during our balik kampung trip last few weeks, I decided to witness by myself the beautiful wall arts. We managed to spot many of them but I'm only able to snap 2 pictures. Speaking of traveling with two small kids? Hehehe..

This kind of creativity excites me the most as it involves 2D plus 3D art!

And this one too at Cannon Street. That's my boy in red =)

Initially I thought the painting were done by the local Penangites. But it's not. I figured out from onlypenang.com that all the paintings were sketched by a Lithuanian artist, Earnest Zacharevic in conjunction with Penang Georgetown FestivalDecember last year. I believe the brilliant ideas came from Mr. Zach too? You may click OnlyPenang website for more clearer images! Frankly speaking, this thing just add up more reasons for our next Penang road trip. Like seriously!

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