Monday, May 27, 2013

Teluk Tempoyak Seafood. Nam Prik at its best!

Yet another makan-makan hot spot when some one reaches Penang. Ain't Penang is just awesome for travelers?! I went to this place, at Batu Maung if I'm not mistaken for the first time with families from hubby's side after the wedding reception in 2009. And we keep on returning to this place again and again.. The main attraction here are non other than the famous fresh seafood plus fast & efficient customer service!

Kerapu Tiga Rasa

Bawal Cermin Namprik

Tom Yam Campur seedappp! Macam Pha Pha Garden

And this one macam biasalah.. =)

Ok. Almost 3 and a half hours left for breaking fast. Enough with this salivating images. 

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