Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Ascott Residence Jakarta. Ideal short stay accommodation!

Just realized that I haven't posted the hotel review of the place we were staying during Jakarta trip end of last year. I shall make this entry just short and simple as the event was quite sometime now. Hehe. We were staying at The Ascott Residence. Hubby was actually on a short attachment in Jakarta those days. Before leaving Malaysia he asked me to make a survey (like always) regarding the place that he should be staying. His friends were staying at few other places which were nearer to the office but quite a distance from the malls. My main concern is definitely hubby's tummy when he's away from home. Dia ni, makan minum kene cukup setiap hari. So I decided to pick The Ascott (eh macam cik isteri pulak yang kerja kan). The Ascott is located just beside Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, the biggest mall in Jakarta and it's quite new. Moreover, I've been to The Ascott Kuala Lumpur years before and I think it was.. not bad.

The apartment we were staying was a 2 bedroom + 1 maid's room + 2 bathroom + kitchen and it was BIG and cozy! I get to know from the Trip Advisor that the place was under renovation (by stages) as the current rooms had undergone outdated interior designs, normal wear and tear and what nots lah. But I don't really mind as hubby was the one who's gonna live in that room and I don't think he's gonna really care about it. Haha. Boleh mandi selesa, tido selesa, tengok tv selesa, buat kerja selesa etc. That is more than enough for any normal guys I guess. Furthermore, I'll be staying there for only 2 weeks and Grand Indonesia is just a few steps away so I'm cool. Hehehe

About 40mins taxi ride from Bandara Soekarno Hatta and you'll be amazed when reaching the lobby.
Do you notice the Javanese painting and craft? This is so Indonesia! 

Interesting wall art that can be found all over the building.

This is the restaurant. It was among the places that had been fully renovated during my visit. Everything seemed so new and clean and shining. Hehe. The only drawback I experienced was the food. The selections of food was small. The cut fruits weren't fresh as I expected. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. Moderately rated for a classy serviced residence like Ascott. Or maybe it was just my bad day perhaps?  

Large window in our room. It covers the whole living and dining area. The building in the picture is actually a mall, I've forgotten the name already. But sorry to say I hate it. The mall's air conditioning system had seriously congested with the cigarette's smoke! I almost fainted when I went there for the first time. Huhu. Anyway, Plaza Indonesia is about 5mins taxi ride from The Ascott. See that? Shopping just gone crazy if your're staying at the right place. Haha  

Oh the kids play area is huge too. It is situated beside the pool. Faheem conquered the place all by himself. I thought he would be happy with that but surprisingly he's not. Well the place was a bit far from the lobby and no body is going there during morning. It was just (most of the time) the two of us and I think Faheem found it quite creepy. He will call me to stay next to him each time he's trying new toys at the place. Huhu. That's all for now. Thumbs up for The Ascott Jakarta anyway. We will return one fine day. Esok cuti! Happy Wesak day Malaysians! 

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