Monday, May 20, 2013

The Ridge - Teja by The Sea. Nice restaurant with breathtaking views.

Each time we went back to hubby's home town my family in law will surely bring us to the famous seafood centers in Penang. And this time, we were brought to newly opened restaurant (just operated last year) at Batu Kawan, named The Ridge - Teja by The Sea. But I'm a bit disappointed with the pictures (or shall I say memories?) I've taken tough. I'm not in the mood to really capturing wonderful static-events that night. Well let the story below reasons out why.
Earlier that day we went strolling around Penang as usual when I suddenly noticed Ayra started to be cranky and uncomfortable and moments after that I realized her body temperature had risen up. My bad, I've left the thermometer and paracetamol at my MIL's home =( I usually keep them neat in the diaper bag when ever we went for traveling. So that day around 4pm we were busy searching for clinics and guess what, we found 8 clinics and all of them were closed on Sunday? Gosh.. Finally I told hubby to stop by Penang Adventist Hospital as I know that hospital is a JCI accredited hospital (I should be getting the best service here, I whispered to myself). 
Her temperature was 39.9 deg Celsius that time! The doctor asked weather we wish Ayra to be admitted and I said NO at that instant. Huhu. The doctor was polite, the hospital was clean and organized, the security guard was super friendly and the best part of all, the medications are perfect, no generics. Got in the car, fed Ayra her meds and she's fine half an hour later. Alhamdulillah.. Eh parking fee only 50 cents ok. Pfft Prince Court? Hihi. We rushed back home as we already promised Mak to be ready for big family dinner lepas maghrib but we only managed to reach home lepas Isya'. Penat sangat ok. I know everybody was in hunger because of us, thousand apology.. Huk. 
My sisters in law had mentioned so many times about Pulau Aman ever since I arrived home. 1. The floating restaurant 2. The gastronomic cuisine. Me myself was seriously eager and all excited to go there but not the husband. He said his body was aching real bad and his head was kind of spinning that day, selepas edisi rushing sana sini sebab Ayra demam. Huhu. So we decided to dine in at The Ridge saja. Next time balik kampung lagi nak pergi jugak Pulau Aman ok! Hehehe..

It took us about 20mins to reach the place from MIL's home. If you were a first timer just turn on the GPS and search Stadium Batu Kawan or Jeti Pulau Aman or The Ridge itself. Last time The Ridge hasn't been captured in our Garmin yet. As it was quite late, there was no crowd but the live brand was still performing. Niceee. Oh one more thing, if you were traveling by night make sure there are accompanies who knows the route as it was pitch black! No lampu jalan once you have passed the stadium. By the way, the place was huge and facing the Penang bridge!

Penang bridge 

We were greeted by the staff with friendly smiles upon arriving at the destination. They were kind enough to provide us the portable cooler seeing that Tok was carrying Ayra who was sleeping. Memang terbaik. Looking at the menu, I wasn't surprised with the wide varieties! But me and husband was some how not that hungry. We already had chicken rice at Gurney Plaza that day (lebih kepada penat je la sebenarnya). But hubby ordered lamb chop just to give it a try and we shared the meal.

The lamb was quite liat but the mashed potato and black pepper sauce was good.

Few of them ordered the seafood grill and others just ala cart. Syok kan main2 barbecue with the family. Hehehe. There were salmon, beef and chicken slices and all of them were fresh. There's nothing to be complaint. Well, that's all for the reviews. On my next visit (insyaAllah), I wish to have late lunch or early dinner as the view should be much more inspiring. Will definitely return!


  1. Ini adalah dekat dgn umah aku... Tapi aku belum sampai... Hahahaha

    1. tgk.. yg jauh beribu batu ni jgk yg sampai dulu. hahaaha.



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