Friday, May 17, 2013

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant. A fine treat!

We had an appointment with our dear friend Maria yesterday and she was kind enough to treat us Japanese cuisine for lunch. Yippi! Me and husband don't really do sushi but I tried Sushi King last month and my first attempt went well so the second attempt should be just fine I reckon. Hehe. Hubby at first decided to switch the meeting plus lunch to Chilli's but I overruled him. Haha. I wanted sushi dear!

Umai-Ya KLCC. Nice anime painting at the entrance. 
We chose the perfect seat, there at the waitress. Hehe

We ordered 4 different dishes as above at first. It was so good! Especially the seafood sizzling on the right bottom. The creamy sauce was lip smacking. The bottom left was indeed yummy too, that was Maria's favorite. Don't ask me what was the name of each dishes, haha. But that one falls in the crunchy/fried sushi. The biggest portion was that one so I can say that the most kenyang dish was that one. Heheh. Done with the first round we decided to add in a few dish sebab lapar lagi. Huhu

The bottom one was something named with dynamite and the upper one was Salmon wrap. Hubby as expected, loves the raw salmon. He ate almost half of the salmon dish. And the total for this heavenly lunch was almost RM200. Luckily dearest Maria was paying. Haha. Thanks babe. All the best for your Amsterdam and Paris trip. Safe journey and don't forget the souvenirs!

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