Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Al-Rawsha Restaurant. Delightful dinner with the family.

I started to know Al-Rawsha Restaurant when I started working, earning salaries on my own about 6 years back. My dear boss loves to treat us Lebanese food and Al-Rawsha is among the top restaurant by far. Those days we had lamb mandy, chicken madghut and what ever khabsa etc etc only at Al-Rawsha when suddenly so many versions of Hadramawt spreading like mushrooms after the fresh spring rain. Last time the infamaous Al-Rawsha was situated at Jalan Damai in Ampang. And now they are opening a new huge restaurant (with more guarded parking space and opens 24/7 including delivery service!) at Jalan Kampung Pandan. Thumbs up for the mastermind of the business proposal! Anyway, I like the exterior design of the building, it looks like a Persian Castle that owns by the Lebanese. Heheh

My families are here for the school holidays so I decided to bring them here for dinner. 

The smoking area

The non smoking area. As you can see, the non smoking area is smaller than smoking area. Luckily many visitors were about to left the non smokers area when we reached Al-Rawsha. For those who's bringing babies and kids along, you might consider the non smoking area as I'm pretty amazed with the numbers of shishas they have on the shelf. Yes it smells fruit. No to tobacco that smells like fruits.

We had lamb and chicken magdhut for 5 people. Chicken kebab..

Fatoush (mixed fresh salad with toasted bread). When having 'nasi arab' the most crucial part for me (and hubby) is the sambal tomato (I don't have any idea what it is being called actually) on the right. Benda itulah yang akan menambahkan lagi 'ummph' kepada gumpalan nasi dan lauk kita. As for my parents, they need some curry to add some kick in their plate. Lain orang lain selera nya bukan? Luckily sambal tomato di Al-Rawsha memang tidak pernah mendukacitakan sejak dulu lagi sampai sekarang. Tabik chef!

That is my first born, Faheem reciting the doa makan. He only said the doa part that night, excluding the meaning for the prayers. Pheww.. Cepat sikit boleh makan! Haha.. Anyway, the cost for the meaningful dinner that night (plus the cozy and clean environment, A-class toilet, charming and friendly staffs) was RM195 but the exact price of having dinner with the wonderful family was priceless. 

Families who eat together stay together. Amin


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