Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Singapore Trip 2013. Arriving at Changi International Airport, Singapore (SIN)

Finally, we managed to run a family trip few weeks ago. Alhamdulillah. It went well as planned! This trip has been postponed for so long as we were seriously busy setting up our new house (we have just moved in early March this year). Moving in/out with lots of stuff in our previous home, not forgetting the kids' stuff was very draining us out. We took more than 10 days of leaves this year just to settle hal rumah. Haihh. I've even mentioning to dear the husband several times that I do not wish to experience anymore moving out process until the next 10 years! Huhu

Once we have settled almost 90% of the home related stuff, hubby pulak was so tight up with his work. Going out from KL is a big NO NO. Unlike me, I was so free that time as I had just finished with two accreditation processes (locally and internationally) but still have to wait until papa is over with his work. After a thorough discussion few days before his project finally ends, we've decided to choose Singapore for our first family trip berempat outside from KL. Our youngest daughter is already 19 months old and I think it's about time to bawak dia berjalan jauh sikit. If lesser than that tak kut!

Why Singapore?
  1. Because Singapore is the cleanest city in South East Asia region (this is the most important aspect for mama)
  2. Because Singapore serve big number of attraction for kids (this is the most important aspect for kids)
  3. Because halal food can be found everywhere (and this is definitely for papa)
  4. Because Singapore has the most efficient public transport in Asia
  5. Because Singapore has among the lowest crime rates in Asia
The only not-so-good part is the currency exchange rate. I believe many of us Malaysians are aware of this. Few videos went viral few months ago. Ringgit for 2.52 Sing Dollar sounds crazy tapi tutup sebelah mata jelah labu. Janji anak2 having fun..

We arrived at Terminal 2 Changi International Airport on Saturday morning (The traffic was extremely smooth. The airport cab was punctual as always, thanks!). We had breakfast at the airport and the kids fell asleep during the whole flight as they woke up real early that day in order to catch our 9.40am flight. We chose early flight as we planned to spent few hours in Changi Airport. Why? Because the airport (consisted of Terminal 1, 2 & 3) are sooooo huge! It is like a giant shopping mall with so many interesting stuff for adult and kids. Changi is also papa's favorite transit point. The FREE entertainment center is such a heavenly place for him during inbound/outbound journey.

In that picture above, Faheem had just passed his cranky mode as papa tried to carry him out from the plane while he dozed off (he only wanted mama to carry him). But I need to carry Ayra who was also sleeping on my lap. Mommy's boy.. Senang mengamuk dengan papa. Nasib baik la sekejap je. Heheh 

From Terminal 2 we went to Terminal 3 and the Terminal 1. I seriously fell in love with Changi Airport. It was so much fun especially when when were bringing the kids together. I went to Singapore 5 years back for work and if I'm not mistaken there was only Terminal 1. It's great to know how the airport emerged over the years. Everything was very well maintained and clean. Including the toilets!

Langsung tak cranky sepanjang kat airport. Love them!

Kinetic rain in Terminal 1. I admire the system engineer who programmed this. Hehe

Holiday or not, push up is a must. He gets this from papa obviously. Haha

Having this huge play area in the airport? 
Banyak kali Faheem ajak pergi sana luckily mama pandai distract. 

Abang memang maintain nak duduk dlm stroller dari kecik. He only jumps out from the stroller kalau ada bende2 menarik that he wishes to have a look and play with. Dah bosan he will panjat stroller balik. His little sister is totally different from him. Stroller is a big NO when she's at a new place. She loves observing stuff by jalan sendiri je. Nak pimpin pun tak mau. Pastu kejap2 stop. Mama papa panggil buat tak dengar. 

Found this and she stopped at that instant. 
Luckily Ayra tak pandai nak mintak macam2 lagi. Heheh

On the sky-train (and in fact all over the airport) we will stumble upon these military services staff. Me and hubby were in awe looking at their camo uniform. It was so different from what we used to see all this while. It looks like small pixels in green color. Very detailed, very nice!

While these pictures were taken during our inbound journey on the last day. Syukur alhamdulillah our luggage cuma 'mengandung' saja dan bukan 'beranak' terus. The silver Samsonite (consisted of soiled clothes) weighed almost 25kg. Huhu. Sebab the main purpose of this trip is to let the kids having fun on school days, and not shopping. Pheww..

Memang bukan abang lah kalau tak usik adik. Pastu Ayra menjerit. Haihh

This OSIM foot massage was such a relived after 4 days of aggressively walking! Sedap sangat.. I saw the same unit at OSIM KLCC and it is being sold at RM2088. Kalau la RM500 memang rasa nak amik letak rumah je satu. Hishhh..

He insisted mama to snap his picture with pakcik Harrods. 

Papa tak sabar2 nak pergi entertainment centre. Everything can be fully utilized for FREE!

On Tuesday, we flew back to KL leaving so many good memories in Kota Singa. We will surely return to Singapore one fine day as four days are not enough to visit so many interesting places they offered. More over, we were traveling in monsoon season and everyday-schedule needs to be planned accordingly in order to avoid us getting wet in the afternoon. More Singapore Trip posts will coming up soon!


  1. Thank you for the update! Sungguh berguna for our next plan insyaallah.

    1. no problemo! ni pun nasib baik dan post. harap post lain menyusul dgn cpt nanti. amin!



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