Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wafflemeister KLCC. Sinfully appetizing!

I went to KLCC three days ago during lunch break as I need to accompany hubby to get his new office pants and shirts. My mind simultaneously switch to Wafflemeister as a good friend of mine keep on posting the lip smacking pictures of those waffle on her IG lately. While on our way to have just-waffle-for-lunch (as both of us already had heavy breakfast earlier), I decided to stop him at the food court. Tetibe rasa nak makan something spicy. Tetibe u-turn ended up hubby had aglio olio and yours truly had spaghetti bolognaise. Haha. Then round2 beli seluar beli baju and all of a sudden Wafflemeister was exactly in front of us. How can someone resist such delicacies??

Thank you hubby for being very understanding and agreed to let me have it (you had few bites too right. hehe). I've never fond of whipped cream seriously. Even in my frappe I only have that if I'm sharing it with the husband. But boy.. The combination of their whipped cream, the sweetness of bananas, the special made waffle itself and the sprinkle of chopped nuts were beyond words. So sedap! Esok nak makan lagi lah.. 

Sila berdiri di atas weighing scale terlebih dahulu. Ok, I changed my mind. 

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