Monday, December 30, 2013

Bugis Street, Singapore. Perfect place for souvenir hunting.

That day, we were planning to get few knick-knacks and souvenirs for close friends and ourselves. According to the itinerary we should be heading to Orchard Road when hubby decided to get a second thought from the bell boy regarding our intention. As being advised by the friendly guy, he said it's ok to go to Orchard Road, but you only can find either luxury boutiques or stalls selling craps. I'm a bit taken a back with his comment as it does't feel like going to Singapore if you won't step foot at Orchard Road right? Heheh. Beloved hubby (being mister practical as always) decided to follow the bell boy's advice as that place suits the purpose of our trip that night - souvenir hunting. We went there by MRT and reached our destination within 20 minutes plus. It was a bit crowded that day as locals were rushing back from office I guess. But the situation was still under control as the kids were fastened to their strollers at all time. Until we stopped at the zebra crossing, facing the Bugis Street...

Oh dear.. It was jam packed in there, like seriously. Macam Petaling Street or Chow Kit kut? 
But I'm so glad and thankful that we made it through along with 2 kids!
Mission accomplished =)


I'm pretty terrified with the crowd at first (I'm afraid of snatch thief actually) so I just kept my phone safely in hubby's pocket. Frust jugak tak dan nak snap gambar banyak2. I do know Singapore has only small number of crime rates but it's better to be cautious rather than sorry at the end of the day right? Anyway Bugis Street is highly recommended for souvenir hunting. One may find so many kind of souvenirs at one place. Despite the crowd, I managed to get cutie stationery sets for the kid's school friends, key-chains for office mates, few shirts for the kids and also fridge magnets for ourselves. It's cheap and varieties! The only drawback is that most of the stalls I stopped by not interested with bargaining, semua fixed price. So we need to go round and round the place to find the most value-for-money stalls. 

Interesting Mc Donald's building at Bugis Square. 
At the back is Hylam Mall and at the front is Bugis Junction.  
So many tourist here. Still happening and kicking tho it was almost 9.45am.

Once satisfied with our purchases at Bugis Street we had dinner at Pastamania.
Then get back to the hotel to doze off..

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