Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cakes-On-Wheels by Secret Recipe

My dearest first born Faheem will be celebrating his 4th birthday in the next 9 days. Yup, a December baby =) There won't be any big and fancy celebration like we used to have back in 2010 (Faheem's First Birthday Celebration) as I don't think I can handle a party when I'm currently maid-less. Huhu. But the good part is that my parents along with my sisters and nieces will be staying at my home during his big day, yahoo! (we are going for a family getaway soon!). Faheem was so excited when I told him that kakak Aishah and Kakak Amirah will be here during his birthday. Excited sangat sampai die pergi kemas all the scattering toys at the play area and my bedroom! Hehehe 

Anyway, my boss is on leave today so I got some me-time to really fantasizing about the upcoming birthday event. Haha. Actually tengah stand by jugak ni as the GM is attending Man. Comm. Meeting (Management Committee Meeting) now and he told me to get ready as he will rings me up at anytime if there is any matters arising regarding papers that had been prepared by my boss. Harap semua nya baik2 aja lah. Amin.

Referring back to the birthday celebration, I was thinking to have just a simple candle blowing ceremony that day so we need a cake, literally. I don't have much time nak survey2 for great bakers out there, I'm thinking of Secret Recipe as everybody loves them! Was browsing their website and only then I get to know that Secret Recipe actually provides cakes delivery! How nice.. (they delivers whole cake and tray for 20 slices of cakes only by the way). 

But I don't really need their service pun sebenarnya. Sebab Secret Recipe outlet ada sebijik depan rumah tu. Hihi. No hassle at all. I just need to choose which flavor. Last time we had Oreo Cheesecake and this time, I guess Absolute Chocolate or Choc Cheese Berries will do. Yesterday my mom called me and she asked me about Faheem's birthday. Nenek pulak yang semangat nak buat makan2 sikit that day. Hihi. Terima Kasih nenek!

Please click the image for clearer picture.

Please click the image for clearer picture.

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