Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interesting Places in Singapore, Singapore Cable Car!

This place wasn't in our to-do-list initially. But the husband suggested to go for this (Voted 2011 Singapore's most popular attraction by IAAPA) when we have done with touring in S.E.A Aquarium (Marine Life Park) in Resort World Sentosa - Marine Life park entry will be updated soon! Suka betul cik abang ni dengan cable car. Last time he was the one who's urging me for Genting Highland trip so that we can ride the cable car. I'm not really a cable car person as I'm never keen of heights. Takde la sampai tahap gayat sangat tapi seghiyauuu lah bende tinggi lagi bergerak ni. I went to Eye on Malaysia few years back and I almost cried, ahhaha. The cabin stopped at various height so that the passengers can view Kuala Lumpur's city skyline especially during night. Roller coasters? Hell no, will never interested with such thing. Hoho.

After few times of persuading me to go to Singapore Cable Car I finally gave the green light as I'm sure the kids gonna love it to max. Momma will try to contain her freight, just for you kids! And luckily I did. Faheem just can't stop from screaming in excitement during the whole cable car trip, especially when the 8-seater cabin was in a take off mode as we can fell the momentum. Non stop bercakap, non stop mentioning abut everything he saw from the cable car. And Ayra? She enjoyed the ride while happily munching chicken nuggets and apple slices. Hihi

On the way to the Cable Car Station. 

Waiting in queue. Every one/family will be fit into their own capsule.
No sharing! More privacy, more fun!

In the cabin. It was spacious, clean and comfortable.

Love the see-thru walls and the green trees.

The one who was so excited inside and out. 

McDonald's in Singapore served apple slices. Love it!

Faheem's favorite. Ships and cruises!

Tinggi! Tapi tak gayat sangat as hubby promised to keep me entertained and distract me from thinking about the height. Hehehe. Sambil makan minum, sambil nyanyi nyaya, sambil plan tahun depan nak holiday kat mane, sambil layan borak dengan anak2, sambil snap pictures, sambil menyukuri segala nikmat tuhan buat kami sekeluarga. Priceless! Alhamdulillah..  

No fun-in-the-water activity for this trip. 
Sebab nanti super penat, tak kan pergi Singapore nak melepak dalam hotel je kan. 

Tengok berapa banyak kapal kargo daa.. 
Memang betul2 'Majulah Singapura' as stated in their dollar notes. Hehe

Hard Rock Hotel, Festive Hotel, Hotel Michael etc.

And this one is Fasha Sandha and family, I spotted her with hubby and boys (Rayqal and Rayfal) on our way to Marine Life Park. Not really a fan of her, tapi lepas tengok how close she is with Nora Danish and Rayqal and how her husband always spent time with the family, rasa macam suka pulak. Ok2, sila terjah blog lain kalau nak tahu pasal dunia celebrities. Hahha. By the way, the fee for adult is S$26 and S$15 for kids.

In a nutshell, I would recommend Singapore Cable Car to all tourist! 
Thumbs up!

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