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Singapore Trip 2013. Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

File:Marina Bay Sands in the evening - 20101120.jpg

    Picturesque view of Marina May Sands from Wikipedia.

According to the ad-hoc travel itinerary compiled by the wifey, the first destination of the day would be the outstanding Gardens by The Bay. I really really wish to witness by myself the impressive man-made gardens, the unusual plants, the huge green house, the magnificent evening performance etc. I can get blown away by gardens but not really with the husband. I knew I might be facing a difficulty in convincing him to do the garden thingy but I insisted to give it a try. Well at least, I tried (he knew about the garden plan and he didn't comment much as expected). 

And so that day we walk happily to the MRT station that is just 2 minutes away from the hotel we were staying. It was gloomy a bit as the rain had just stopped. We planned to make full use of the MRT service and that was the reason why, in the very first place that we choose to travel to Singapore by airplane. I don't want anyone of us, neither me nor the husband feeling exhausted (hubby: due to driving, wifey: due to taking care of the kids herself). So sama-sama bole tolong tengok kan anak2 at the same time bukan? Macam tu baru dapat enjoy the holiday to the limit!

Hubby was pushing Ayra's stroller. FYI almost all the places that we've went to provides easy access for parents with baby strollers or wheelchairs. So no worries okay. Ramps and elevators are everywhere, and it was fast too! (I'm comparing it with the elevators at Putra LTR stations. Slow bangat baik nak naik mahupun nak turun. Ramai pulak tu nak naik lif. Pfftt..)

Lil princess was having nap. 
Sejuk nyaman selepas hujan, duduk dalam stroller pulak.
Memang terus terlena la lepas tu =)

Faheem pun nap skali when we were riding the train to Gardens by The Bay. By the way, we got that green stroller (Hauck) for free by using the vouchers from Isetan, around RM200. At first we were a bit unsure weather it's ok to have a non-recline stroller but we decided to go for it as we don't really have time to make a survey (this Singapore trip was pretty much a last minute decision). Tapi lepas tengok Faheem tertido with that condition, gosh kesian sangat =( Hubby said we need to get a proper stroller and planned to get one at VivoCity that day. Unfortunately Ayra was experiencing a mild fever that time so we had to cancel the plan. Sob sob..

Anyway, Singapore MRT is very convenient. The Singaporean themselves are also nice towards the tourists. Many a friend of mine keep on mentioning on how 'kiasu' Singaporeans can be but luckily I encountered none of them. I'm also surprised with the minority from the Singaporean Malays. Most of the time, it wasn't us who seek advice whenever we were a bit confused with the routes but it was them who came forward (with a smile) and started asking us on where are we actually heading for. It feels so great to bring back home such wonderful memories. Terima Kasih!

After about 20 minutes of riding the train, we finally arrived. 
This is a part of Gardens by The Bay. 
Unfortunately, look at the gloomy skies =/ It looks as if its going to rain again. 
And hubby wasn't happy with that as we were bringing small kids together. 
Kalau berdua je kami memang redah jela jawabnya.  

The Singapore Flyer. It was in the plan too but hubby decided it's a No-Go. 
Nanti kang budak2 demam ke selsema ke dah tak syok nak jalan2. Huhu. Sedih..
Next time la insyaAllah!

Due to the unfit weather condition, dear hubby suggested to settle down in this place instead, Marina Bay Sands as it was already a perfect timing to have dinner. Nice architcture isn't it? I still remember watching an episode with the husband in Discovery Channel regarding this luxurious and super unique building when it was still under construction few years back. This place is consisted of a hotel, shopping mall and a casino. I'm seriously not in favor with the casino part. Casino kat Genting dah tak laku dah kut sekarang ni. Elok lah. 

It started to drizzle when we were strolling to Marina Bay Sands and all the people rushed in to get shelter, including the Sky Deck Entrance, haiyoo.. And guess what, all the restaurants were full of hungry homosapiens (most of them are tourists, like us). We went searching for a place to dine in for about 20 minutes. Letih sangat ok! Anyway referring to the image as above, that was the famous Singapore TWG Tea House. I've spotted two locations of super nice TWG Tea in the mall. Tapi, tak kan la nak dinner kat situ pulak kan. Lain la kalau ada hamba Allah nak belanja tea time ke bole la consider.. Hihi 

Hubby was starving when we finally found The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Beanstro. It is halal, so no worries. But then the queue was so long that we have to wait around 10 minutes just to be seated. Hungry-Hubby went straight to the counter to get his large cup of latte and muffin first (he was starving I repeat) while I'm waiting in queue with my kids who enjoys their nap. 

Latte letak atas lantai je. Terus makan muffin sambil tengok menu. 

It was worth the wait as we finally got this perfect dinner spot. How relieved.. Ramai sgt tourist naik that sampan and we were thinking to bring the kids for a ride when they wake up but then, by the time we reached the sampan booth, the boat touring service had already been closed. Sian sangat.. Huhu. Next time okay kids. 

Dah tak ingt what we really had that day but it was in big portion and sedap amat. The best part of all was that we were having dinner and chit chats and enjoying the surrounding while the kids were sleeping soundly! =) I'm sure parents with kids would understand this. Once we were almost done with the scrumptious dinner Faheem woke up and he was a bit cranky as he was having a tiny mouth ulcer. So he refused anything to eat but when I mentioned muffin he said yes at that isntant. Lega sangat. At least lebih separuh la jugak muffin gemok tu masuk dalam perut dia. Ayra pulak die habiskan makanan mama. Alhamdulillah.. The next day ulcer Faheem dah ok terus mood die jadi baik makan pun takde masalah. Alhamdulillah.. 

The water was pouring hard this time and eventually the environment turned colder.
The kids were even more than excited!

Done with dinner we went to baby's rooms for a diaper change 
and then continue strolling in the mall.

We went back to the hotel an hour later 
and received a surprise plate of fresh fruits from the hotel. 
Nice one!

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