Friday, December 6, 2013

Stroller Hunting. BABYZEN YOYO is on promotion!

I started to know about BABYZEN YOYO from Fynn Jamal, the celebrity who's currently working in Kazakhstan. I bet every Malaysians know her and her adorable son Juna =) Few months back she posted her pre-loved stroller on her Instagram and wishing to get a new one and asking for good suggestions from her beloved followers. Few days later she posted her newly purchased stroller, the magical Babyzen Yoyo that unfolds in seconds! What amazed me more is that this stroller (invented by 5 French individuals) is the first stroller in the world to fully compliant with IATA Guidelines for cabin baggage dimensions! Maka selamat lah stroller anda dari dihempas airline crew during loading and unloading process. Well, I have witnessed by my self (several times) how the cabin crew throws the passengers' luggage. But I don't blame them 100% as they need to unload them fast or else the customers will have to wait (in anger) in front of the conveyor belt.  

See how compact it is? It fits in the car nicely besides our current Maclaren Techno XT and it also fits perfectly in our storage cabinet at home. Space saving ideas! Babyzen Yoyo comes in 5 different colors and you can choose from white base or black base. I would prefer black stroller with white base. Berangan dulu!

Babyzen Yoyo can also be switch to parent-facing (for infants) or road-facing (for toddlers). This stroller is (usually) being sold around RM1,700. So expensive =( I've made few searches before this and was surprised to know that Home Ideas (you can search their Facebook Page) is now selling this for only RM1,200! I told the husband last night about this not-to-be-missed promo but he said I've spent too much for the past few months (he was checking my credit card statements last night by the way). I think I just made a huge mistake, never mention about buying stuff when the husband is checking your cash flow! Huhu.

So I guess it's a NO for me =( 
But for those who is currently searching for a stroller, 
I would highly recommend this BABYZEN YOYO, you'll never regret!

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