Monday, December 2, 2013

Vacation. Holiday. Getaway. Yet again?

I don't really know how to respond to this.

Hubby: Cuti sayang ada brape lagi?
Wifey: Ada la lagi.. Ingt nk bring forward.
Hubby: Jom la yang jalan2 lagi..
Wifey: Hah? Baru je balik Singapore kuttt..

After a few days later.

Hubby: Yang haritu kite pergi Langkawi stay kat mane eh?
Wifey: Berjaya. Nape? Serious ke nak pegi holiday lagi ni??
Hubby: Saya ok je.. Jomla, tak puas la pergi Singapore
Wifey: Hmm.. Early January ada audit..

We have just spent a holiday in Singapore last 2 weeks.
Blog entries pun macam malas je nak update.
Tapi kene update sebab takut ext. HD rosak lagi, semua memories hilang. Huhu
I'm ok with the holiday part. But seriously not with the packing part.
I'm referring to 26kgs of baju bajan empat beranak setiap kali holiday ok.
And for god sake I'm still in a miserably post-holiday mode. Sigh..

We'll see how la..

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