Saturday, March 1, 2014

Down with chicken pox.

Yeah, that pretty scary highly contagious chicken pox. Never experienced that during my childhood days tho, none of my siblings had. Today marks the historical third day. My beloved mum has safely arrived from kampung today in order to lend us generous hands in running the family for a short while. Thanks! Love you so much!

Anyway I'm in the guest room now. Feeling a bit relieved (alhamdulillah) as my mom is here with us now. But I was almost near to depression yesterday, astargfirullah. I'm not in the mood to really sharing everything yet. One fine day before I get back to the office hopefully! With Faheem laying beside me now, playing the Jake and The Neverland Pirate Game. I can never type this peacefully.

Well, I'm so into these items listed below since the very first day of positively diagnosed with chicken pox.
  1. chicken pox in adult / chicken pox in kids. the difference.
  2. causes of chicken pox
  3. chicken pox treatment / medication
  4. what to do when  it is confirmed chicken pox?
  5. chicken pox vaccination. is it needed?
  6. already vaccinated. but why it reoccurs?
  7. how long will it last? chicken pox recovery timeline.
  8. the worst part, the scarring skin.
  9. food/drink to avoid during chicken pox?
  10. how to manage someone (adult/kid) with chicken pox?
  11. the dos and don'ts during chicken pox.
  12. air kelapa?? 
I'm sure many of us has had this kind of queries at least once in your life. 

I shall share the valuable information soon.

Signing off,

3rd day of chicken pox.

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